Greetings Oxwall users,

Today we are glad to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends at Skalfa (the original creators of Oxwall software) about launching — a commercial solution aimed at people who need help with launching their community websites.

Since day one there always were users in the Oxwall community who couldn’t quite cut it in the true open source fashion — download the software, deploy it on their own server, troubleshoot incompatibilities, hunt for cues in the documentation, etc. The problem was always there, we realized that and even launched premium Oxwall support section. Still the problem didn’t go, people were coming in, asking the same novice questions and leaving.

So, we asked if Skalfa could do some kind of an “official” supported solution to help those people (who went away unserved before), while Oxwall Foundation could continue focusing on the platform development.

Skalfa LLC is a company best positioned for that, being our main friend, contributor and donor all these years. Having developed the first version of Oxwall, Skalfa is now back in the game, collaborating with us tighter than ever.

So, what’s changing?

Nothing. (from Oxwall Foundation) continues to be what it is, focusing on Oxwall development. Oxwall platform is available as a free download, and some basic (mainly developer-oriented) help is offered at the forums. (from Skalfa LLC) is up and running and is welcoming people who need help with installation, custom development and additional commercial products and services. For example, Oxwall Starter package includes Skalfa’s solid portfolio of high demand Oxwall plugins.

I have a question…

Sure you do. You are welcome to visit and talk to the support team in live chat. Check it out.

We hope that by providing the “official” support for Oxwall, Skalfa will help launch more real, living Oxwall sites. This alone is the most important factor of the Oxwall project growth.

Oxwall team