Forum, Facebook connect, Contact importer, Ning importer now FREE

We gave a hard look to the existing prices of our plugins in the Oxwall Store and decided to set free all those that were paid: forum, Facebook connect, contact importer, and Ning member import.

IMPORTANT: You need to have at least 1.0 beta 4 to install these plugins. Do not attempt to do that on earlier releases.

At this point it makes sense for us to start gaining popularity for Oxwall software not focus on short-term monetization. Thus we plan to keep all essential functions free. This is not to say we will discourage third parties from making money on plugins and themes, it’s just that we don’t want to pursue aggressive pricing strategies. After all, this is what open source is about.

Those of you who purchased any of these plugins within one month may contact us to arrange a refund or to put those funds on Oxwall Store balance.