Oxwall Launches Beta Testing

Great news, everyone!

We are launching beta testing for the new build of Oxwall Software. While we continue to improve the quality of the new release, some of you will be able to get your hands on Oxwall 1.3.0 ahead of everyone else.

Now, since we have limited resources to process all bug reports, and also to raise the testing efficiency, we are going to limit the Beta Testing Team this time over. Only Community Leaders, Oxwall Club members, and users with items in Oxwall Store can apply for the access to Beta Testing this time. To do so, simply drop us a line at support@oxwall.org, with Claim Beta in the subject line.

Good luck!



Community Leaders

As you might have noticed some users got marked with “Leader” badges. What do those mean?

Oxwall (as open source software) has to heavily rely on community support and with the growing popularity this tendency will get even stronger. At the moment of writing this, Oxwall is happy to enjoy bright individuals who proved to be genuine Oxwall enthusiasts and most active helpers. We decided they should be marked as community leaders.

If you see “Leader” badge on user’s avatar it means the user has been providing quality help for other Oxwall users on the forums for some time and we decided to acknowledge their expertise and dedication (upon their permission, of course). That way more people will know they can rely on their knowledge and will to help.

We are looking forward to have more community leaders that we will choose upon our discretion. It’s important to understand that this is not an elite club, nor is it a privilege. This is to mark people who (like Oxwall Foundation members) choose to accept open source values and do “paid work” for free for the sake of the community.