Oxwall 1.2.2

Dear Oxwall users,

We are releasing the 1.2.2 version of our software to address several reported issues.

Here’s what have been fixed:

  • Event Invitation Button sometimes missing
  • Event Invitations not disappearing after an Event has begun
  • Big images messing up Mailbox Layout after upload
  • Forum Customization not being available
  • Several general layout problems
  • View Permission issues during the creation of custom pages
  • Incorrect Video Codes cut-offs
  • Improper┬áspacing between avatars and ‘View More’ in Newsfeed
  • Missing Values disappearing in feeds
  • Unnecessary┬áLine Wrappings in Blogs
  • Improper calculation of ready Values for Language Keys

Important Note:

Please don’t forget to update your themes for the fix to work properly.

Oxwall 1.0.2 – maintenance release

Just a quick note that we’ve pushed 1.0.2 out to the world.

It fixes an annoying problem with jevix – a third party library we use in Oxwall. This problem caused formatting problems in virtually all user input facilities. Feel free to auto-upgrade from your admin panel.

Oxwall 1.0 RC2 + plugin updates

Here’s a nice new release from the Oxwall headquarters – Oxwall 1.0 RC2. This is a maintenance release as we head towards 1.0 stable.


We discovered a minor problem that affected all previous releases. You need to update platform first, otherwise you may end up with various plugin problems or a _fully broken_ site.

This is the list of changes (although not complete):


Admin area:
– Admin can now manually change “unverified” user email status to verified.
– Page edit, “back” button fixed.
– Page add, spaces are no more allowed in URL.
– Profile question description edit fixed.

– “Autosuggest” input now has better response.
– Mailbox icon in avatar widget now correctly checks if mailbox plugin is present.
– User lists now respect display name preference.


– Quoted location fixed in post input.

– “Browse by tag” sorting fixed.
– “Editing blog post” now doesn’t change its date.
– Text formatting while writing text is now more convenient.

– Fixed display for single country selection.

Blogs, Forum, Photo, Video, Links:
– ‘View’ permissions now support additional pages, like view latest, browse by tags, albums, etc.

When you do actually perform all updates and take your time to enjoy your new, ever-strong community site, do something good while you’re at it – kiss your wife, go play with kids in the park, plant a tree, quit smoking, say “sorry” to someone, or call the old friend you almost forgot about.

*UPDATE*: Autoupdates will be open on Monday. If you want to upgrade right now, go for manual update.