Oxwall 1.5.3 Cron Fix

Following the last week’s release of Oxwall 1.5.2 we were alerted to an issue with cron job encountered by some of the users. Without postponing the resolution until a future major release, we have eliminated the problem with the unplanned minor Oxwall 1.5.3 update.

  • Fix for cron job notification in Admin Area (even if a cron command is setup right).

Note that the fix does not affect any of the third-party projects, thus the developers in the community are not required to make any changes in their plugins due to this update.

Don’t forget to check out the full list of goodies (new theme, plugins and platform improvements) released with Oxwall 1.5.2. As always, bу sure to backup your sites before attempting this latest update.

Oxwall 1.5.1: Bug Fixes and New Theme

We hope everyone had enough time to play around with Oxwall 1.5, since we are ready to give you the next regular update. This release will remedy a few pesky bugs left from 1.5, and will further improve the software performance.

  • Profile questions are no longer removed alog with deleted account types;
  • Site activity notifications are now sent to users who haven’t logged in for more than two days;
  • Slideshow preloader improved;
  • Blogs routing bug fixed;
  • Resolved Cron error for theme processing;

Of course, it’s not a proper Oxwall release without a new theme, and this time we are joining the dark (but fun) side, with an all-original Darklets social networking template. Expect more quality themes in the future. Enjoy!

As always, do not forget to back up your sites before launching the update, just in case, as an extra precaution.

  1. Back up your site;
  2. Update the platform (Instructions);
  3. Update all of the installed plugins;
  4. Update your themes.

Get Ready for Oxwall 1.4

Hey guys!

We know you’ve been patiently waiting for a full-fledged release for a long time, and we are happy to tell you that it’s finally coming your way (pretty soon). Those of you following us on Facebook already know how excited we are about the new Photo Viewer, but there’s more in the lineup.

Let’s see. Among other things, we’ve added Gmail contacts importer, additional options for sorting forum search results, profile newsfeed commenting, and redesigned newsfeed activity on the index page, on top of a myriad of bug fixes and other improvements.

All of that and more will be available in about a couple of weeks, right after we finish all in-house quality testing. The full list of all the new features and fixes will be posted along with the notification about the release of Oxwall 1.4.


Oxwall 1.3.2: User and Admin Improvements, Minor Bug Fixes

OXWALL 1.3.2

Following the completion of quality and beta testing we are ready to present you Oxwall 1.3.2. The new release fixes several minor bugs, and also introduces User and Admin improvements among other things.


Just follow these simple steps while bringing your software up to date, to avoid possible future issues:

  1. Back up your site;
  2. Update the platform (Instructions);
  3. Update all of the installed plugins;
  4. Update your themes;
  5. Enjoy the new version;

The Auto Update button will appear in your website’s admin area within 24 hours after the release of the update.



  • Cron setup changed (now uses HTTP);
  • Default user role is now impossible to remove;
  • Fixed the bug with the number of pics for WYSIWYG gallery;
  • Notifications “Someone posts a wall comment in a group I participate in”, “Someone invites me to a group”, etc., enabled by default;
  • Additional admin now cannot delete the super admin profile;
  • XSS vulnerability in the update script fixed;
  • Added file_get_contents check on server;
  • While editing a custom page it’s no longer possible to enter existing pages’ URLs.
  • Added rel=”nofollow” for auto-linking and WYSIWYG;
  • Changed buttons for group actions on profile lists in admin area;
  • Removed Exception message that happened while approving an already approved member;
  • Changed the order of displaying CSS graphics in the admin area;
  • Multiple language entries corrected;


  • Post tags are now added to meta keywords;
  • Added messages about successful post creation and editing;


  • Fixed friend request template;
  • With friend request a user automatically follows another user;

Instant Chat

  • Fixed ‘OW Debug’ error message when admins deactivated ‘Friends’ plugin;
  • Fixed ‘last activity 42 years ago’ bug;
  • Removed switching ‘for all’ and ‘friends only’ modes, making it dependent on the ‘Friends’ plugin;


  • ‘More’ button does not stick to the last letter any more;
  • Links now open in the new window;


  • ‘Ghost’ topics now removed in five days after the original topic move;
  • User no longer redirected to a new forum section after moving a topic;
  • Fixed ‘Latest Reply’ field when author profile deleted;


  • Fixed Flash object overlap;


  • Now more than 14 banners can be added to one ad place;
  • Added the ‘Hide Ads’ authorization action for user roles;


  • New events are now at the top of the list;
  • Long event locations now stay within widget;
  • If ‘Friends’ plugin deactivated you can invite all site users (who were not invited yet and are not registered for event);
  • Invite interface now shows all site users (up to 100) if ‘Friends’ plugin is inactive;
  • Added ‘Accept/Decline’ buttons to event invitations;
  • Event notification now disappears after visiting event page;


  • Fixed avatar while sending private messages from profile;


  • If ‘Friends’ plugin deactivated all ‘Friends Only’ settings change to ‘Only Me’;


  • If ‘Friends’ plugin deactivated you can now invite all site users (up to 100);
  • Group listings changed;
  • Invite notifications now disappear after visiting invitation list or group pages;


  • Redesigned group activity display;
  • Individual pages for every newsfeed item;
  • New option to choose preview picture for attached URLs;


  • E-mail notifications about new comments or likes for birthday items;

Enjoy the new release and feel free to drop us a line if you encounter any problems with it. Thank you for being such a great community!

Oxwall 1.3.0 Is On The Way

Recently we’ve been asked in the comments about the launch of the new Oxwall version. Good news – it’s coming up pretty soon. We’ve been extensively testing the new build in-house, and the quality testing will go on for about one more week.

This time over we’ve prepared some exiting new features for you (including the much anticipated Private Groups and Friends Invite), enhanced many of the existing ones, and also fixed most of the reported bugs. The full list of new features and improvements will be released along with the update, but I think you can get a head-start by attending Oxwall Google+ Hangout on Thursday, January 19, and get the word directly from Oxwall co-founder Emil.

Upcoming Oxwall Release

Dear Oxwall users,

As some of you have noted in the comments section, it is indeed time for another software update. The entire next week is scheduled for the quality testing of feature improvements and bug fixes we have found since the last release.

As usual, have some patience and keep an eye on our blog, for a special notice about the launch of the update. Everything should be ready in about a week and a half.

This time the new release will not bring any major changes, but rather will feature a load of requested and necessary fixes for Newsfeed, Events, Groups, Forums, Mailing Lists, etc. We want to polish up the software in its current form before taking another major step by introducing new features and functions. The full list of Oxwall 1.2.5 improvements will be released along with the update.

Oxwall 1.2.4: Improved Newsfeed, Photo and Video Attachments, oEmbed Compatibility

Following up on the most recent post about the New Release Scheduling System, I’m bringing you the news about the new Oxwall Update.

According to the new schedule, we have completed the Quality Group Testing last week and are now ready for the public release. This time it is a combination of a major bug sweep operation, as well as the introduction of several key improvements and new features.

As always, don’t forget to follow three easy but crucial steps during the update:

  1. Back up your site
  2. Install the update
  3. Upgrade themes

Here is what’s in store:

New Features

  • Introduction of oEmbed compatibility for the Newsfeed (pasting a link into the Newsfeed will now generate a summary with title, picture or video, like in Facebook or Google+):

  • Introduction of Photo and Video Attachments for Status Updates and Comments:

Improved Features

  • Major improvement in Newsfeed response time and server load;
  • Elimination of WYSIWYG input in Status Updates and Comments (since it didn’t work with iPhones and iPads);
  • Birthday Lists are functioning properly now;
  • Addition of Military Time in Events;
  • Numerous minor improvements system-wide;
  • Numerous minor bug fixes;

Enjoy the Update and lets us know what you think in the comments or in the forum.

The New Release Schedule System

As promised in the comments section, I bring you some wonderful news. To benefit both end-users and our development team, we are switching to a new Release Scheduling System. Allow me to demonstrate it with a few helpful pictures first.

Up until recently our releases were a combination of scheduled fresh features with all the bug fixes picked up along the way. This system looks nice on paper, but in reality it often led to unexpected delays.

Imagine that we have set out to introduce a New Cool Tool for network Admins. In the past our development team would start working on it, all the while fixing up all the reported issues. But then, instead of releasing quick patches in demand, we had to wait until said New Cool Tool is absolutely ready and can be bundled together with the fixes. Sometimes it would take weeks or even months to be sure the New Cool Tool is actually cool enough for prime-time. Needless to say, the extended waiting period can be grueling, thus we decided to change the situation dramatically.

As mentioned in one of the prior posts, the switch to Mercurial DVCS gives us more flexibility. Namely we now have two development branches in place – Dev and Stable. Dev is reserved for big features, like the aforementioned New Cool Tool, while Stable will cover all the bug fixes and minor improvements.

Let me explain how the new system will work. The end-users will no longer have to wait for the new release in the dark. They will know for sure that the new release will be here every month, bringing along all the Stable fixes that are ready by the deadline. In the meantime the Oxwall team will be busy with two weeks of active development work, and a week of testing and compiling documentation. If, during this time, the New Cool Tool will appear to be ready in Dev, it will also end up in the release, along with the fixes.

Here at Oxwall we believe the new system will further improve the software development dynamics, and reinforce our commitment to producing the best professional user-oriented social network builder out there.

Oxwall 1.2.3

Well, it looks like three’s the charm, so get ready for another quick update.

This time we have fixed several critical errors:

  • WYSIWYG Java script glitches in Floatboxes
  • Bugs in RSS feed
  • Navigation problems (linked to hidden components)
  • Several general Mailbox issues

As always, be sure to follow instructions during the update!