Oxwall 1.7.3 is out

Oxwall 1.7.3 is available for download immediately. Complete changelog can be found here. Important: This release drops support for PHP 5.2, so BEFORE you attempt to upgrade, make sure your hosting supports PHP 5.3. Important #2: If you are running Oxwall of any previous version, you are encouraged to wait until the auto-update prompt appears in your admin area. Before you attempt it, make sure to:

  • Back up your website. Seriously, folks, better safe than sorry;
  • Run the platform update first, only after that run all available plugin updates;
  • Run theme update also only after the platform update.

If you don’t want to perform the update yourself, check companies specializing in Oxwall support. Thanks, Oxwall team.

Oxwall 1.7.3 beta release

Here’s the planned release 1.7.3 (beta) with the most important fixes.
While we are working on the next big iteration of Oxwall, we are sure you will enjoy to part with some annoying bugs in the current version.

Oxwall 1.7.3 beta is available immediately for beta testers (with the detailed changelog). All developers and designers are encouraged to test their items on the new release to ensure compatibility. Important note: With 1.7.3 release we drop PHP 5.2 support, so the minimum requirement becomes PHP 5.3.

How to become an Oxwall beta tester: https://docs.oxwall.org/dev:store:beta-testers

ATTENTION: This is a beta release which is unsuitable for applying on live websites, hence we do not provide any update tools. Please, wait for the official release – it will show up as the update button in your admin area.

The official Oxwall 1.7.3 release is scheduled for April 14.

Thanks for creating with us!
Oxwall team

Edit: Notice about PHP 5.3 version requirement.