Oxwall 1.5.2 Released

Oxwall 1.5.2 Released

Right when you didn’t expect it, (oh wait, you did) Oxwall 1.5.2 hits the Earth. This is a scheduled maintenance release that you are recommended to use over all previous versions.

Available for immediate download: oxwall.org/download

The new theme

Meet Showcase theme!



This new plugin is for connecting your website to your Cloudflare account. It allows you to decrease your page load time by 20-30%, decrease hosting server load time, and maintain your website up for static content when it’s actually down.

We recommend Cloudflare because we use it at Oxwall.org. They also have a free plan.

View setup manual.

IE8 support drop

With this release we decided to pull the plug on IE8 support. It’s an old, insecure, standards-be-damned, dead-on-arrival browser by Microsoft that clearly shouldn’t be used at this point.

Starting with 1.5.2, Oxwall no longer supports IE8, and this is good news for everybody: 1) if you are still using IE8, here’s a nice little reason #598453739842035609 to drop it and download a better, newer, more secure browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. 2) if you don’t use it, you will enjoy faster development cycles from our team.

– Changelog –


  • run the cron job on page refresh
  • redesigned tag input
  • direct permissions management for index/dashboard/my profile widgets.
  • fixed minor issues with the default Origin theme
  • fixed glitch with single choice/drop down profile questions
  • installation script now overwrites config.php if permissions are allowed
  • fixed markup issue on Privacy&Permissions page in admin area
  • fixed markup issue on Pages&Menus page when too many menu items are added to the main menu area
  • rss widget: links now open in new window
  • added default delimiters in toolbar for IPC decorator
  • redesigned “Choose theme” page in admin area
  • fixed an ability to remove account type if any profile questions are assigned to it
  • fixed a glitch with too long titiles for widgets on site index/dashboard/profile view pages

Activity Notifications

  • added an option for users to receive notifications immediately
  • added notification when someone posts a status on user’s profile page

Import contacts

  • added invitation by email
  • fixed facebook invitation page
  • added HTTPS support for facebook import configuration (Secure Canvas URL)


  • added “Upload photos” button on “view photo album” page
  • redesigned comment box – redesigned “Add photo” page

Other plugins

  • Mailbox: fixed markup issues
  • Blogs: added My Drafts button
  • Events: redesigned attendance buttons
  • Newsfeed: fixed a link to profile in birthdate entry
  • Forum: changed the way attachments are named

– Upgrade –

As always, do not forget to back up your sites before launching the update, just in case, as an extra precaution.

  • Back up your site
  • Update the platform (Instructions)
  • Update all of the installed plugins
  • Update your themes.