Oxwall 1.5.3 Cron Fix

Following the last week’s release of Oxwall 1.5.2 we were alerted to an issue with cron job encountered by some of the users. Without postponing the resolution until a future major release, we have eliminated the problem with the unplanned minor Oxwall 1.5.3 update.

  • Fix for cron job notification in Admin Area (even if a cron command is setup right).

Note that the fix does not affect any of the third-party projects, thus the developers in the community are not required to make any changes in their plugins due to this update.

Don’t forget to check out the full list of goodies (new theme, plugins and platform improvements) released with Oxwall 1.5.2. As always, bу sure to backup your sites before attempting this latest update.

Five New Free Themes For Oxwall

Remember the Darklets social networking template released a couple of weeks ago? It proved quite popular with the Oxwall crowd due to it’s universal appeal and accessibility. But that was only a teaser, since we are ready to roll out another batch of five brand-new free professional themes! What a great way to start the week, don’t you think? Take a look at these samples:


Crayon Theme for Oxwall


City Theme for Oxwall


Stars Theme for Oxwall


Silent Theme for Oxwall


Pastel Theme for Oxwall

This line of themes can be applied to a variety of niches, representing a particular mood of a given online community. All five templates are already available through Oxwall Store; enjoy them and let us know what you think in the comments bellow. In the meantime, we are happy to tell you that more regular updates for our collection are planned, and we are already hard at work creating new themes for future releases.

Oxwall 1.5.1: Bug Fixes and New Theme

We hope everyone had enough time to play around with Oxwall 1.5, since we are ready to give you the next regular update. This release will remedy a few pesky bugs left from 1.5, and will further improve the software performance.

  • Profile questions are no longer removed alog with deleted account types;
  • Site activity notifications are now sent to users who haven’t logged in for more than two days;
  • Slideshow preloader improved;
  • Blogs routing bug fixed;
  • Resolved Cron error for theme processing;

Of course, it’s not a proper Oxwall release without a new theme, and this time we are joining the dark (but fun) side, with an all-original Darklets social networking template. Expect more quality themes in the future. Enjoy!

As always, do not forget to back up your sites before launching the update, just in case, as an extra precaution.

  1. Back up your site;
  2. Update the platform (Instructions);
  3. Update all of the installed plugins;
  4. Update your themes.

Oxwall 1.5 available immediately

So, this day has come.

Instead of anticipating the end of the world, we offer you to start the new world with Oxwall. Now your community project can really start living with the new release from our team.

Oxwall 1.5 is available for immediate download. What’s in it?

Important: If you are already running Oxwall of any previous versions, you are encouraged to wait until it’s there in your admin area for autoupdate. Before you attempt it, make sure to:

  • Back up your website. Seriously, folks, better safe than sorry.
  • Install all available plugin updates right after the platform update.
  • If you use a third party theme, update it manually via FTP.

We hope you enjoy Oxwall 1.5 as much as we did while making it. We hope the Internet will now have more quality websites, thanks to your and our work!

Yours infinitely,

Oxwall team

Oxwall 1.5 available on December 19

I’m very excited to share with you what’s about to land on the Earth’s beautiful face with sheer joy, grace, and sanctity, to finally give the “Answer to Life, the Universe and everything”.

I mean, we have just completed development and internal testing for our upcoming release, Oxwall 1.5. This is going to be our most important release this year. What’s so great about it, you ask?

Origin: the new default theme

Oxwall gets the new look’n’feel so it really becomes a whole lot of a different software, especially when Origin works with the new…


  • We redesigned user console, so now it’s less obtrusive, more efficient, and more functional. It can be used by various plugins to enhance user experience and interaction. Now those plugins can get important functions at your disposal within a click or two on every page.

  • As a result, we are introducing real-time on-site notifications, so you’ll be able to find out instantly that someone commented on your photo, or invited you to an event – all while you are chatting or playing games.

  • Instant chat redesigned from ground up to make it more comfortable to chat with friends online.

  • Watchdog, the new native anti-SPAM plugin. It’s functionality is a little limited at the moment, but we commit to make it a valuable part of Oxwall, available out of the box.

  • Very important improvements, including:
    • the ability for admin to edit users’ profile info and view hidden entries;
    • smoothly removing old unused newsfeed items thus improving performance;
    • default rating system improvement;
    • and a million others.

More themes coming soon

We plan to make many new free modern themes based on Origin. You can count on those appearing in the Oxwall Store pretty soon.

Developer beta

… is available immediately. All developers and beta testers will be notified to receive access and start testing the platform and their plugins and themes for compatibility.


For the rest of us, Oxwall 1.5 hits the ground on December 19. That’s what I call stealing thunder from Christmas. Keep tight!

Oxwall Foundation team