A Word to Community

Dear Oxwall users,

I want to thank everyone for choosing our software. We all believe in open source values and one of these is transparency. With this in mind, there’s one topic I’d like to discuss with you; namely, our latest release.

Oxwall 1.2.3 release was unplanned and was triggered by us finding some showstopper bugs affecting some users.

By releasing the update we received feedback that the rushed release caused more problems to more users than the original 1.2.2. Some people were very vocal about their problems and blamed us for “breaking” their sites. Of course, the sites are not broken. Every individual problem can be solved by us looking at it. And we want to do that. Let us know if anything is still wrong with your setup.

It would be too easy for us to take “love it or leave it” approach. Instead we believe all software should be excellent – no matter free or commercial.

I wanted to assure everyone who is using Oxwall that we are determined not only to make it the best social software product but to also make administrator experience perfect. We’ve spoiled our users by easy, 1-click updates. So when you click the button you trust us.

We rely on your trust and generally update experience is good for most users. Currently we are introducing the new release scheduling system and automating release routines. More about that in a separate blog post soon.

Thank you,

Emil & Oxwall Foundation team.

Oxwall 1.2.3

Well, it looks like three’s the charm, so get ready for another quick update.

This time we have fixed several critical errors:

  • WYSIWYG Java script glitches in Floatboxes
  • Bugs in RSS feed
  • Navigation problems (linked to hidden components)
  • Several general Mailbox issues

As always, be sure to follow instructions during the update!