Oxwall 1.2.6 & Oxwall Store Update

Your eyes don’t deceive you. The second Oxwall release in less than a week is indeed here. We thought that it’s worth pushing it out ahead of schedule. Here’s why.

With this release we open the doors of the Oxwall Store to all paid plugin developers out there. As you might know only free plugins were available for download until recently. Now any developer with a worthy product can set a price on their plugins and sell them at our store. Of course, said plugins (or any other goods in Oxwall Store for that matter) must comply with OSCL – Oxwall Store Commercial Licence.

Note that plugins not developed by Oxwall are sold as is – we are not responsible for any trouble they might cause to your sites, so check all the accompanying documentation very carefully.

To make sure everything is working as it should, please back up your site and then upgrade the software to 1.2.6. Alternatively, just wait for the Auto-update Button, which should appear in the Admin area of your network within 24 hours after the launch of the update.


Oxwall 1.2 Release

(Dear users, remember to follow the UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS BELLOW precisely (even with autoupdate)!

Oxwall Foundation is proud to announce the long-awaited Update to 1.2.

We consider this a major step forward, as both admins and users will see the results of the Update across the entire platform.

You might already know that this release brings you an Advanced Photo Upload, More Privacy Options, an Enhanced Newsfeed, and Improved Text Input. (For more details on these features please refer to the wonderful post by Oxwall Founder Emil). Alternatively, you can read on for a point-by-point explanation of the changes we made to the software.


  • Enhanced Text Input

Text Input

  • My Preferences now include subscription options for Mass Mailing
  • Mass Mailing now sent only to active (non-suspended) users
  • New option to create a customizable Welcome Letter
  • Javascript Code now available throughout the site for web statistics, special effects, and other purposes
  • Favicon change in page settings
  • New option to include Avatar Upload and ‘Terms of Use’ checkbox to Registration


Download and install this new plugin from Oxwall Store (but only after you upgrade the platform to 1.2). After the Privacy Plugin is activated in the Admin Area, network members will have several options for setting up their profile and content privacy. All other plugins across the platform will be affected correspondingly.




‘Spring’                                                                                 ‘Grunge’


Advanced Photo Uploader

  • Upload up to 100 photos at once
  • Rotate and auto re-size
  • Add tags and descriptions


  • Now corresponds to privacy options
  • Improved news item relevancy system (promotes only member-related news items)
  • Improved news item dynamics (shows only recent actions related to news items grouped, as opposed to several news items for every similar action)
  • The long awaited Newsfeed content customization options for admins

Instant Chat

  • Sound notifications for messages
  • ‘Friends Only’ or ‘View All’ modes


  • Mailbox captchas for sending bulk messages
  • Options to turn off file attachments and set allowed file sizes
  • Newsfeed birthday notifications
  • Various minor bug fixes



The new shiny Oxwall 1.2 in downloads section: www.oxwall.org/download

Update: File Permissions

IMPORTANT: There’s an old permissions problem that can affect your update process. Before you attempt to update your site (either manually or automatically) you need to set full permissions recursively on your ow_static folder. For example in Linux you need to execute chmod -R 777 ow_static command. If you work with an ftp manager here’s an article to help you.


IMPORTANT:  Upgrade to Oxwall 1.2 before upgrading any plugins! Seriously, you don’t need to end up with a broken website. Upgrading is easy, just hit that button in the admin area. After that feel free to update and install all other plugins. Even if after platform update your site seems to be broken, keep updating plugins. You should be fine in the end.

Manual update

If you want  to update manually, grab the scripts in downloads sections as well.



Keep in mind, themes need to be updated too. ‘Graphite’ and ‘Club’ will be auto-updated since they are in the package but other themes require your attention. Download your updated theme from the Store. If you made any changes in files, you will have to merge them with the new ones since they contain important fixes and additions. If you didn’t change anything in files directly but in admin area only, feel free to overwrite the theme folder ow_themes/your-theme



Oxwall Foundation is truly grateful to the entire community for its support and understanding during the prolonged waiting cycle, as well as assistance and feedback during the actual development. We are really proud of our work and hope that our efforts will improve your Oxwall experience even further.


*UPDATE*: To kill some minor bugs that aren’t showstoppers (but are annoying to know about) we’ve just pushed 1.2.1 update. Apply it with all above instructions. If you already have 1.2 working just wait for autoupdate to popup and press it with no hesitation!

Instant Chat plugin

Oxwallers rejoice!

The long-aiwated, much hyped, for centuries promised, and god-knows-what-else instant chat plugin just released.

With that release Oxwall just became more engaging, more interactive, and more capable of retaining users. We are very serious about making Oxwall more interactive and dynamic, and this chat is the very first step in that direction.

This is of course the basic version of the plugin. Zarif (the developer behind the plugin) already works on the next iteration – including for-everybody mode, sound notifications, and more.

Feel free to install the plugin and share your feedback.

Oxwall 1.1 + new plugins

Boy look what we’ve got here! Oxwall 1.1 + plugin updates + new plugins + new themes — it’s like Christmas came early!

What’s new:

– Jquery 1.5
– Cron run check and notification
– Authorization mechanism enhancements (affects all plugins!)
– Avatar display change, requires new decorator use (affects all plugins!)
– User console refactored for adding elements by plugins
– Language handling refactored to enable plugins to add global language keys
– User and config tables cache enabled for better performance
– Platform version in admin dashboard
– URL highlighting for all user content for easy clicking (finally!)
– SEO-oriented meta page information in all plugins to allow better and deeper indexing of your site by search engines. If you have incoming links to your site that should do great job for its promotion.
– Avatar labels for particular user roles. You can have specific user roles like “admin”, “staff”, or even “pro” or “gold”, so users can show them off on avatars. Configure user roles and color-code avatar labels on your community!
– Display type disabled for index page comment wall
– Comment form now has posting user’s avatar
– User list selection for plugins’ needs optimized
– Suspended users can now edit their profiles
– Multiple ‘untranslatable’ spots eliminated
– Custom pages access issues solved

… and more small enhancements including killing pet peeves constantly reported on support boards. Too much to list here so we let you discover and enjoy those one by one. 🙂


Virtual gifts:

– User can send each other public and private virtual gifts with optional personal messages in them.
– Gifts can be customized and divided into categories.

User credits:
– User credits can be purchased through payment gateways (such as PayPal), earned by activity on site, and spent on things like virtual gifts.
– Complete customization;


Club‘ and ‘Rainy‘ themes. Enjoy.


– ‘View more’ without page refresh
– Feed context highlight: groups, profiles
– Unlike;
– Comments and Likes expand/collapse
– Optional status update on Index page
– Profile comment wall support

– Voting interface enhancement

– On-site event invitation notifications
– Past events list
– An event is now still ongoing until the end time
– Chronology problems in event widgets corrected
– Event authorship problem substitution when edited by moderator is solved
– Event icon is now optional
– Inactive ‘invite’ button problem solved


– Multiple friend requests problem solved
– Suspended users no longer show up in friends lists


‘Last Activity’ and ‘Status Updates’ plugins are now discontinued and no longer will be updated. They are replaced by Newsfeed.


Those impatient can download the new release, new plugins, new themes, and updates manually for now. Tomorrow we are unleashing auto-update upon you so you will be able to update right from the admin panel.

PLEASE UPDATE PLATFORM CORE FIRST. Only after that you can update everything else and install new plugins. PLEASE UPDATE THEMES MANUALLY AS WELL – they contain important additions and corrections.

Thanks for creating with us!

Events plugin

Here’s another free native plugin for your needs. Grab the new Events plugin from the Oxwall Store while it’s still smoking!

It’s pretty simple and straightforward – create a public or a private event and invite your friends there. They can post stuff on the comment wall. We will iterate to make this plugin more powerful so we’re waiting for your feedback.

Here is the demo.

Oxwall 1.0 stable + plugin updates!

What is the best way to start 2011 in your opinion? Right, install the new shining Oxwall 1.0 stable!

On the day when my son was born it’s fascinating to finally officially give birth to another child – our new social software hit.

Core changes:
– Overall system performance improved;
– HTML sanitizing and XSS filtering improved;
– development API extended: Javascript events added, optional parameters in routing interfaces;
– You can now change default avatar from admin area;
– Numerous language changes (spelling and other);
– Total user count in admin area;
– Occasional usability improvements for admin area;
– Javascript can now be disabled when editing widgets if incorrect scripting breaks the page;
– User can now remove all comments on their profile wall.
– fix: some hosting setups reported error: “Message: SQLSTATE: General error: 2014 Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active. Consider using PDOStatement::fetchAll(). Alternatively, if your code is only ever going to run against mysql, you may enable query buffering by setting the PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_USE_BUFFERED_QUERY attribute”. It should be gone now but we need you to verify this since the error was rare and we couldn’t reproduce it.

New plugin, Newsfeed:

The much awaited feature brings likes and comments to status updates and user activity events. It has the potential to become the central place of interaction on any Oxwall-powered site. Newsfeed plugin now replaces two plugins: Status updates and Latest Activity. Those plugins will not longer be shipped in downloads and will be pulled from Oxwall Store.

Other plugin changes

– Groups, fix: it’s no longer possible to create groups with the same names;
– Mailbox, new: you can now attach files;

IMPORTANT: Since we also introduce numerous plugin updates you should _apply platform update before installing plugin updates_. This is important because otherwise it can make your site temporarily broken.

Thanks for creating with us!

Emil Sarnogoev
Oxwall community software

UPDATE: We had to make an urgent rebuild down the road because apparently a significant new bug slipped through our hands in the first time. So “1.0 stable” wasn’t all that stable after all. 🙂 Meet 1.0.1!

Oxwall Store digest

IMPORTANT: Please update platform core first (to 1.0 beta 5) before updating _any_ plugins. Otherwise you may end up with a broken site.

Here’s our first digest of recent news at Oxwall Store:

1) Several important plugins released free, under BSD license: forum, Facebook connect, contact importer, and Ning member import.

2) Forum has undergone serious enhancement, namely:
– Permalinks on topic posts, so you give a URL of a specific message inside a topic;
– Enhanced quote function;
– Context-dependent forum search (yes, yes!);
– Subscribe by email to a forum topic – works with Email notifications plugin (oh).

3) Groups plugin released with built-in forum (forum plugin necessary for that)!

4) Monetization plugins released for charging members subscriptions: Paid membership, PayPal, CCBill.

We do not stop developing new features for Oxwall software in our quest to deliver a lot of balanced, simple and powerful functionality for your site. Thanks for creating with us!

Forum, Facebook connect, Contact importer, Ning importer now FREE

We gave a hard look to the existing prices of our plugins in the Oxwall Store and decided to set free all those that were paid: forum, Facebook connect, contact importer, and Ning member import.

IMPORTANT: You need to have at least 1.0 beta 4 to install these plugins. Do not attempt to do that on earlier releases.

At this point it makes sense for us to start gaining popularity for Oxwall software not focus on short-term monetization. Thus we plan to keep all essential functions free. This is not to say we will discourage third parties from making money on plugins and themes, it’s just that we don’t want to pursue aggressive pricing strategies. After all, this is what open source is about.

Those of you who purchased any of these plugins within one month may contact us to arrange a refund or to put those funds on Oxwall Store balance.


Paid membership support, PayPal, CCBill

There are three new plugins available in Oxwall Store: Paid membership, PayPal, CCBill. You can now charge your users for extra features and permissions on your site.

How it works

Basically, ‘Paid Membership’ plugin allows to create membership levels on top of user roles. It will accept payments from users on subscription page and automatically handle start and expiration of premium memberships as well as recurring charges and renewals. Every membership level can also have different period/price plans so you can give discounts on longer subscriptions. PayPal and CCBill plugins come as payment gateways for the membership plugin.

Important: these plugins will only work on Oxwall beta 4. Don’t try to install them on earlier versions.

VERY important: No, I mean really, folks. Only Beta 4!

Feel free to play a little bit with those plugins. Take your time to configure them properly. Questions can be asked in Oxwall support forum.