In Focus:

We haven’t focused on a website in a while, so while we wait for the next scheduled update, why not dig in our portfolio for more examples of great creativity and customization skills displayed by Oxwall members.

Meet Koktui, a niche community network for connecting Nagas of the world. And if you don’t know who the Nagas are, maybe you should join the site and get introduced to their amazing culture.

The site itself shows great implementation of web 2.0 aesthetics.  The presentation is crystal clear and easy on the eyes. The front-page design is intuitive, straightforward and very inviting. Everything about the destination gives the immediate sense of calm, professionalism and dedication to bringing members of a specific community together. And that’s all we need to award this social network the In Focus achievement. Great job!


In Focus: Presence Effect

One of the benefits of developing open source software is that sometimes you have to resort to trial-and-error philosophy, which makes you constantly learn something new. For instance, last thing we learned here at the Foundation was that we should NEVER give promises to release updates ‘next week’.

The aforementioned philosophy, though, can be used to great effects while tweaking and customizing Oxwall software. Meet Presence Effect – a growing network from Russia.

Presence Effect

So, at first glance this is a site about aliens or video gaming. Either way it’s awesome. Seriously, what we have on display here is a great deal of design customization brought to the original Oxwall template. It truly shows the flexibility of the solution. The network’s presentation is appealing and right on target for the preferred community. Good job all around. If a website in those things Russians call letters made me stay for longer than at Gamestop, I’d say the mission was accomplished. If anything, Presence Effect shows that with a creative approach an Oxwall-powered site can be turned into a real professional community hub. Oxwall’s In Focus achievement well earned, comrades. Congratulations!

In Focus:

“Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Perhaps it is not really obvious (yet), but here at the Foundation we really subscribe to this philosophy, spearheaded by non other than Albert Einstein.

You know who else supports the idea? Oxwall users. For instance, take Benjamin Murck from the Netherlands and his wonderful creation –

See the menu on the right? That’s an example of an aesthetic and functional brilliance. It might be counter-intuitive to display all the links at once, but we really like the way it is done on this portal. Instead of creating sub-menus, all the necessary options are grouped by screenplay-like notes on the header, further emphasizing the site’s goal of serving as a meeting place for local showbizzers – actors, extras and models.

Congrats, Benjamin! Your Oxwall-powered network became the inaugural choice for our new blog feature called Sites In Focus. Keep up the good work!