Oxwall 1.8.4 beta


Oxwall 1.8.4 beta is out! This is a release with important backend improvements for SEO and update reliability. In particular:


  • A convenient way to set meta info for individual pages;
  • Open Graph tags support;
  • Canonical URL’s support;
  • Support for variables in meta info.


  • Automatic sitemap generation;
  • Individual plugin sitemap inclusion;
  • Configurable update period;
  • If the limits are exceeded, the platform divides the sitemap into several files.


  • When you try to update plugins, the platform will check if there’s a platform update and will encourage you to to do that first (this is a common reason for update failures);
  • When you try to update the platform, it will first check if you have necessary PHP version.

Complete changelog is here: developers.oxwall.com/1.8.4/CHANGELOG.txt

Oxwall 1.8.4 beta is available immediately for beta testers. All developers and designers are encouraged to test their items on the new release to ensure compatibility.

How to become an Oxwall beta tester: wiki.oxwall.com/dev:store:beta-testers

ATTENTION: This is a beta release which is unsuitable for applying on live websites, hence we do not provide any update tools. Please, wait for the official release – it will show up as the update button in your admin area.

The official Oxwall 1.8.4 release is scheduled for July 26.

Thanks for creating with us!
Oxwall team

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