Oxwall 1.8.3 beta


Oxwall 1.8.3 beta is there! This is a maintenance release with which we did some platform and feature enhancements. Most notably:

  • We are starting a batch of SEO enhancements that will propagate through several releases and make Oxwall much more search engine friendly;
  • Security: anti-CSFR tokens for forms;
  • Blocked users feature improvement.

Complete changelog is here.

Oxwall 1.8.3 beta is available immediately for beta testers. All developers and designers are encouraged to test their items on the new release to ensure compatibility.

How to become an Oxwall beta tester: https://docs.oxwall.org/dev:store:beta-testers

ATTENTION: This is a beta release which is unsuitable for applying on live websites, hence we do not provide any update tools. Please, wait for the official release – it will show up as the update button in your admin area.

The official Oxwall 1.8.3 release is scheduled for May 17.

Thanks for creating with us!
Oxwall team

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4 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.8.3 beta

    • Here it is from Google Cache
      Platform [core]:
      – added CURL support for remote platform requests
      – added blocked users list
      – fixed message appearing during theme upload with missing update server connection
      – added option to use empty database user password during installation
      – fixed bug preventing cash clearing for configs during single script launches
      – added standard placeholder for forms, which displays invalid label
      – added Check Updates button to Admin Panel for manual update checks
      – added ALT HTML attribute for profile avatars on profile list page
      – added support for anti CSFR tokens, which are now used by all forms automatically. Individual usage access is also available.
      – removed send escaper functions
      – fixed mobile version bug preventing login from any page
      – removed .htaccess file from update pack
      – fixed bug with inverted commas within langs breaking stats on Admin Panel index page

      Photos [photo]:
      – photo description is no longer cut due to tag presence
      – added ALT HTML attribute for photo thumbs within photo widget on profile view page, as well as photo lists (latest, top rated, most discussed)
      – added ALT HTML attribute for photos on separate photo view page
      – added GET parameter for temporary photos to prevent caching errors

      Newsfeed [newsfeed]:
      – added ALT HTML attribute for displaying thumbs of various content

      Messages [mailbox]:
      – blocked users no longer show up in contact list
      – contact list search now displays results with partially typed-in names
      – fixed bug with invitation label not disappearing in chat window
      – fixed JS error “TypeError: element.input is null” appearing while switching operation modes (chat/mail/chat+mail) in plugin settings

      Video [video]:
      – added ALT HTML attribute for video thumbs on video listings page

      Events [event];
      – added ALT HTML attribute for event thumbs

      Groups [groups]:
      – added ALT HTML attribute for group thumbs

  1. Suggestion: Prevent users from being able to block admins or moderators. (just in case)

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