Oxwall 1.8 beta!

Oxwall audience is so diverse, I don’t even know where to start today. It’s September 1, so some of you go back to school (Congrats! Try to look at least half-interested), while some of you send your kids back to school (Huge congrats! You can finally win back some time for yourself). But there’s one event all of you will hopefully celebrate together with us: it’s September 1, and it’s Oxwall 1.8 beta day!

We’ve been long developing a few big things that didn’t make it to earlier minor releases. Finally the stars aligned, and we got them ready to be unleashed upon you in one release. That’s Oxwall 1.8.

So, what’s new? In short: new theme and many admin area improvements. In detail? Follow along:

New default theme: Simplicity

Our new theme to succeed the Origin theme is here. It’s Simplicity and it’s called so for a reason. Reflecting the latest trends of reducing visual clutter, it’s really all about highlighting content and helping your users take advantage of everything your Oxwall site has to offer. Stand out from the crowd!


Simplicity theme covers the desktop version and the admin area so far. It will support mobile version in 1.8.1.

New admin area navigation

At some point a piece of software becomes so powerful that only looking at all configuration possibilities becomes daunting. With Oxwall we tried several approaches to reorganize the admin area to make it intuitive without reducing what it has to offer.


Having touched the topic of navigation we also reorganized some admin interfaces in a different way to make administering your website as easy a daily task as possible.

Admin dashboard widgets

Continuing the quest of admin area improvements we are introducing something that makes Oxwall even more open source in the ideological sense: Dashboard widgets.


With version 1.8 your dashboard comes prepopulated with important statistics widgets like user registration, finance, content, and moderation. Now developers can take advantage of this new feature to create more widgets essential to your daily routine as admin.

Content graphics management

And the last one in the admin area for today: greatly improved management of graphic images. This interface proved to be so inefficient before, now your life as a content creator is a little easier.


Complete list of changes can be found in the changelog.

… but hold your horses, folks: it’s a beta!

Now, to the less exciting yet very important things:

Oxwall 1.8 beta is available immediately for beta testers. All developers and designers are encouraged to test their items on the new release to ensure compatibility.

How to become an Oxwall beta tester: https://docs.oxwall.org/dev:store:beta-testers

ATTENTION: This is a beta release which is unsuitable for applying on live websites, hence we do not provide any update tools. Please, wait for the official release – it will show up as the update button in your admin area.

The official Oxwall 1.8 release is scheduled for September 8.

Thanks for creating with us!
Oxwall team

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25 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.8 beta!

  1. WoW very excited about all the new things !!

    Thanks for the hard work Team we really appreciate it very much indeed.

  2. Emil,
    Got to say I am impressed with what 1.8 looks like. I like the theme namely because it uses notif icons like so many other impressionable themes do also.

    I also like the admin changes, It looks allot like what ossn has done with its 3.0 (admin panel wise), BUT Oxwall will work. OSSN is still a child in its crib and is broken.

  3. Still no mobile support though???? This is exactly why I left Oxwall. My analytics show that 70% of my traffic was mobile – MOBILE INTEGRATION IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST.

      • I think he is right. Oxwall is nice but a responsieve theme will give it a boost. Look jomsocial easysocial buddypress. It’s responsive. I realy dont like the default oxwall mobile theme.

      • Yes, I have ran it on my phone, and the experience is horrible to say the least. The mobile UI has so many features that are missing. It’s ugly, and works really poorly. As Lifeguard said below, it’s 2015 and your new default theme STILL isn’t responsive.

        If you want adoption to grow, you need to get on the mobile train, like 3 years ago! Unfortunately, these days, no/poor mobile support = no product basically. That’s why I stopped using Oxwall. Shame really, as it’s awesome on the desktop.

        • Thank you for your opinion. We believe that responsive is not the _only_ and sole answer to mobile. We still work to execute on our vision. And if you keep coming here to comment, it means you still believe that Oxwall could be the best choice for you. Thank you for that.

          • You guys should know that Google purposely demotes any websites from Google search that are not responsive. Especially those without mobile support. Please check it for yourself at Google SEO if you don’t believe me.

          • Please don’t confuse “responsive” and “mobile support”. Responsive is one way to support mobile devices. We chose another way – to make a separate mobile version, however we plan to combine it with some responsive elements (for static content mostly) in future.

  4. The absurd idea of this new market
    Certainly should be a global initiative
    keeping stable version of the secret to earn a few hundred dollars Oxwall
    Innovation is not provided to older users.
    Major issues still unresolved
    No Share button inside the site
    Missing mobile cases
    No player
    STK-APP do not support the
    Mysql The database unresolved problems
    Notification area not support Visual (Blogs – Forum others)
    Advertising does not support the full authority
    No support for AdSense
    Live chat is still inadequate
    URLs do not support playback
    MySQL problem is growing
    No measures incompatible add-ins for third party
    Developers do not have professional solutions
    (3-4 except the name)
    Oxwall tidal wave has passed us
    Plus the latest version in the hands of Which must distribute at hand
    We give to the weak version

    Oxwall team

    No other provider in this missing
    In other providers ensure a smooth release.
    But we can not do us more efficient transition
    solutions should be offered more actively.

    Site büyüdükce this simple missing began to be a serious problem.
    Do you think a simple incessant Mobile lacking in 2015.
    We are directed to each housing a private developer.
    What is needed in this case Oxwall.
    We are directed to private developers for problems
    If we are dealing with private developers about copyright remains unnecessary Oxwall
    Third party developers to solve significant problems in expectations
    is inadequate
    Stable release should be distributed to common problems.

    2 days off because of my missing Oxwall
    I collected forcibly disappear people
    Site hits are falling
    Oxwall the other servers in the distributed version because it does not want to have an unstable structure.
    Oxwall commercial we are in to the victim.
    Elbetd profit considering the situation.
    But we should not throw such people who love Oxwall edges.
    more active solutions must be presented
    inadequate trial
    They closed my problem in the forums are active 2 days
    still no answers
    Msql booming
    No answer an urgent solution
    How can I now strongly recommended oxwal people
    Please be honest with you, give it answers.

    • I think you are VERY right Oxwall keeps updating us with irrelevant things and they are not solving our problems

  5. I really like the look of this new design. At first glance, reminds me of the look of the WP-ADMIN. Since I am a user of WordPress and Oxwall, so I think it’s a good blend. 😀

    Would be great if Oxwall supports responsive design. Good job, thank you. 🙂

  6. This is an exciting release. Thanks also for hopping on the simple, flat design trend. One of the biggest pieces of feedback I’ve received from members is the site is to “cluttered.” These days, users are used to websites being more streamlined and distilled. I’ve been working on my Oxwall site and making it look more simple. My hope is, with the Simplicity theme being released by Oxwall itself, it’ll encourage even more theme developers down this design philosophy.

    Admin panel changes look great as well. Thanks for making it a pleasure to work with Oxwall.

  7. Looks great!! I think a lot of site owners really will Absolutely Love the Simplicity Theme 🙂 Wish list for admin panel would still include html editors when sending out mass mailings, and making pages. Also an option where if enough users flag something content gets automatically quickly taken down. HOWEVER I’ve been hoping one of these releases would fix a discrepancy I’ve noticed and have tried to point out… which I think would go beyond a wish list type thing, into a Legit discrepancy…. If in user roles say you click that Admins or Certain Roles can’t Read Messages (Which so many sites need to have privacy for certain roles:) one can still see the “send button” and send them private mails…. with no indication whatsoever that they won’t be read. Just thought I’d mention! Thank you so much for the hard work Emil!! 🙂

  8. Oxwall Is Nice But I Have Some Hate Toward It
    number it templating system is not good i mean blocking system only single template for everthing and alot of work with css
    why cant be their templates for every single page like wordpress ??
    i mean if file is not there use global view file otherwise user modified template
    templates in store are either not good or very costly not yet cool 😛
    but new 1.8 templates looks nice will take a new round of tests

    • Every particular theme and plugin needs to be tested since it’s up to the authors to keep the items up to date.

  9. Oxwall is like super car without engine. I found it hilarious that you guys use wordpress instead of your own software. Did you fixed YouTube integration and other notorious bugs before this unnecessary beauty release?

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  11. I installed the new version from scratch.
    I’m pretty disappointed. I don’t like the style of WordPress. The operation is quite cumbersome and rather uncomfortable. I’ll stay with version 1.75
    Sorry Oxwall

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