Oxwall 1.7.5 beta

Here’s the planned release 1.7.5 beta release. Most notably, it features:

  • Mobile forum (finally!);
  • Mobile social sharing for forum topics/posts (will later be added to other features);
  • Mobile WYSIWYG editor for forum topics/posts.

Among other useful improvements are changed password hashing routine, suspended users’ avatar change, friends plugin enhancements, etc. Complete (ongoing) changelog is here.

Oxwall 1.7.5 beta is available immediately for beta testers. All developers and designers are encouraged to test their items on the new release to ensure compatibility.

How to become an Oxwall beta tester: https://docs.oxwall.org/dev:store:beta-testers

ATTENTION: This is a beta release which is unsuitable for applying on live websites, hence we do not provide any update tools. Please, wait for the official release – it will show up as the update button in your admin area.

The official Oxwall 1.7.5 release is scheduled for July 14.

Thanks for creating with us!
Oxwall team

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7 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.7.5 beta

  1. Guys(dev), you have done it again, really appreciate the ‘SSL’ support now the oxwall have. Keep up the good work… 🙂

  2. i wish will be also support grups for mobile. and share icon and like icon will be separat. maybe share icon with a small heart. because i like sometimes photos and i dont want to share them in my profile but it is showing.

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