IMPORTANT: Security notice for users

We have reasons to believe that some user data on might have been compromised by a malicious third party through WordPress software. Right now the problem has been eliminated and security measured taken, however everyone on also needs to co-operate to stay safe.

  1. We strongly advise all users to change their password;
  2. Developers and designers who have items in the Oxwall Store are also STRONGLY ADVISED to check their items’ data to be correct, including financial settings.

We will be monitoring website activity closely to prevent this from happening again and we appreciate your understanding.

Oxwall team

P.S. Yes, you NEED to go change your password, like, right now.

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10 thoughts on “IMPORTANT: Security notice for users

    • No. Facebook passwords are not affected. Facebook Connect mechanism doesn’t give away your password.

  1. do you now believe me when i report about that my account opened and my paypal email replaced

    i was the first one who reported that
    now i want you to check oxwall forum, i think it has a malicious too
    with my respect to oxwall devs, the malicious come from oxwall forum not wordpress software only

    thank you for your efforts

    • Per our investigation we found out that those individuals uploaded executable code through WordPress.

  2. Does this affect people who login using Facebook authentication?



  3. Does this affect the facebook passwords of those whose oxwall accounts are through facebook connect?

  4. If they pass, then run the accumulator and pump related tests to see if they pass.

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