Oxwall 1.7.4 beta

Oxwall 1.7.4 beta is out today.

It contains a few bugfixes and a new platform search mechanism based on Zend Search Lucene engine that we first appled to our forum search feature. If it proves to have acceptable performance, we’ll extend it to other forms of text search in the software, including unified site search.

Also, forum gets advanced search mechanism long asked by avid forum users:

With this release we continue to apply sprint development approach, so you can expect regular updates that will contain only those features that get finished by the feature cut-off dates. Currently we optimize our technical infrustructure and work at bigger features that will surface in Oxwall 1.8.

This beta release is aimed at beta testers, plugin developers and theme designers. Please make sure your items work with this beta and report any problems you find.

How to become an Oxwall beta tester: https://docs.oxwall.org/dev:store:beta-testers

ATTENTION: This is a beta release which is unsuitable for applying on live websites, hence we do not provide any update tools. Please, wait for the official release – it will show up as the update button in your admin area.

The official Oxwall 1.7.4 release is scheduled for June 2.

Thanks for creating with us!
Oxwall team

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8 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.7.4 beta

  1. It is encouraging to see the ongoing effort and hard work behind Oxwall. It is appreciated by the community. I would just say that any optimization to improve resource needs is always good. It is good to see improvements in the forum.

    Keep up the great work.


  2. Look guys, each improvements are good and appreciated, but you have to prioritize the upgrades/bugfixes. There is still a problem with the Photo Browse area of users are using IE. The photo thumbnails are scattered and the distances/alignments of each photo thumbnails are not consistent. Some are far from each other and some are close to each thumbnails boxes…….why is that? I complained about this when i upgraded mine to 1.7.3 because the bug fix stated in the log files states that issue is fixed, but when i checked it, it is still occurring. A lot of people are still using IE now. Please fix this. Thanks.

  3. Nice work Oxwall Team. Definitely glad to see forward progress. Many thanks for the wonderful job done thus far.

  4. I think you really should have html5 sorted for this roll out, as it really is a must for apps these days.

  5. Nice to see forum improvements ! Is there finally a mobile version of the forum ?

    Oxwall is very a very good social cms, and with “bigger features that will surface in Oxwall 1.8” it will be the best one !

  6. Keep up the good work,, 🙂
    You people need to focus more on bugs fixes and its detection. A proper separate forum will do the job…

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