Happy New Year from Oxwall Team and Holidays Schedule

Dear friends,

The New Year is right upon us, and it gives us enormous pleasure and a sense of pride when we look back at 2014. A lot was achieved, and what you see is only the tip of the iceberg. Major internal shifts laid the foundation for much needed improved operation.

Still, the year was quite productive, and set us on the right path towards even bigger, better, and more organized future ahead. Here’s just a glimpse of what to expect in 2015.

Right now we want to take a short but much needed break from work – our support will be limited from December 31 to January 5. Hope you do the same, and get some energy needed for a robust 2015.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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1 thought on “Happy New Year from Oxwall Team and Holidays Schedule

  1. Thanks for the news.
    Oxwall was a blast in 2014 and even tho I don’t have my sites anymore currently, I know I will be back on oxwall eventually.
    Happy new years to all of you. 😉

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