Oxwall Store: important improvements

Hello there Oxwallers,

Our community grows. It’s exciting to see this growth since it assures that our work is important, and warrants that Oxwall is here to stay. With user growth some aspects of the community work also need to evolve, and today it’s the Oxwall Store that is affected.

We just released some small and big improvements that I want to introduce. They are based on developers’, designers’ and users’ feedback, and also on our own careful examination of the usage patterns. Let’s look in detail:

My purchases:

  • Item list is now divided into Plugins and Themes;
  • Search by item name (new);
  • Add review for purchased items right there (new).

My items:

  • Item list is now divided into Plugins and Themes;
  • Search by license key and buyer’s username.

Item listing improvements:

  • Oxwall Store now supports version compatibility between items and the platform. From now on every item should state platform versions that it supports, and users will see it;
  • Mandatory “Terms of Use” field for items (new);
  • Optional “ReadMe” field for items (new).

Suspended items:

  • Suspended items are now shown to license holders in “My Items”;
  • “Item suspended” page is shown to all but license holders;
  • Suspended items can’t be deleted by owners but will be deleted in 4 months unless activated by Store moderators.


  • Now authors can not only modify but also delete their reviews.

Apart from these changes there are many tiny things changed to help developers better manage their items.

Policy updates

Last but not least, we have updated Oxwall Store Terms of Use, and added Store Item Policy and Item Review Policy. Everybody is encouraged to actually read this document, it’s written by humans for humans in the most comprehensive way possible.

Enjoy the updated Oxwall Store and leave your feedback! We are always listening. Also, there’s a special Store-related forum, so developers can find additional technical info and questions.

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4 thoughts on “Oxwall Store: important improvements

  1. I need help in finding a way for members to see on their home pages who their friends are once they added them. Also I can’t seem to embed the code to add videos on my site. Please help. I love your software. It’s really great you’re empowering those who aren’t good at tech savvy enough to create a website an opportunity to create sites that may be helpful to people. I really appreciate the amount of work you’ve put into your software. Thank you so much for creating this software.




  2. These are great new updates! However, we really need an update for the mailboxes and comments. Members have done nothing but complain and leave sense the new update to mailboxes and comments. There is no send button in comments anymore, making it harder to post on mobile devices then it was. There should be a button to reply instantly to a post, instead of going to the other person’s profile page.

    The mailbox is now pretty much useless for the roleplaying/writing aspect of the site. As you can no longer format anything, and no longer can include spaces. This makes my site pretty much useless as the main aspect is writing stories between individuals.

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