Oxwall 1.7.1 beta available

As we are returning to 5 week release cycle, Oxwall 1.7.1 public beta is out today.

Most notable changes are:

– New join form for mobile version (which didn’t make it to the 1.7 release);
– Messages plugin enhancements (based on feedback and real-life testing).

Here’s the complete changelog for Oxwall 1.7.1:


– new join form for mobile version;
– reorganized action buttons for profiles on the profile view page; new buttons ‘more’ and ‘moderate’ for grouped actions;
– default avatar image vulnerability in the Admin Panel is fixed;
– the bug preventing the save of changes in the admin panel > user settings >general due to the error ‘The image is not valid’ is fixed;
– all comments longer than 150 symbols are now truncated, and “View more” link is added;
– display of profile action buttons in mobile version is fixed;
– new option to create links to external sites in mobile menu;
– design improvements for account type administration interfaces;
– embedded videos are now playable on-site, no need to leave for external destinations.


– new form to create a message and select recipient;
– various performance improvements;
– new tooltip with user info on user avatar mouseover;
– new invitation labels within text inputs for clarity;
– new option to send messages to users who have no permission to ‘read’, ‘write’ and ‘continue chat’, in case the site has pre-installed Memberships and User Credits plugins;
– ‘Chat now’ button now disappears when user is online and the mode ‘Chat Only’ is turned on;
– new line formatting bug is fixed (sorry for this one).


– both “post_max_size” and “upload_max_filesize” PHP settings are now recognized during the calculation of file’s maximum limit for upload;
– action buttons for albums are now displayed on album view page;
– optimized display performance of ‘User’s albums’ widget on profile view for users with a large number of photos;
– the bug affecting ‘Add photo’ button for users with unavailable ‘upload photos’ service is fixed.


– group description text on the group listing page is now truncated after 300 symbols;
– now user automatically unfollows the group after leaving it;
– the bug allowing unauthorized users to delete wall comments is fixed.


– performance optimization for supporting large number of topics.


– vimeo support now fixed.


– design improvements for the widget and newsfeed listing.


– display of private events in user dashboard is fixed.

Public release of Oxwall 1.7.1 is scheduled for Monday, August 25. Beta testers now have time to test the new release. Developers and designers need to check their items for compatibility.

Thank you,
Oxwall Foundation team

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22 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.7.1 beta available

  1. Thank you for the useful update!
    Particularly pleased with the appearance of the “View more” on the wall! It is very convenient, because the wall will not be overcrowded. Now you can write long news and notes.
    I will wait the entry of new products into force!

  2. Hello,

    when will there be smileys? and subforums? since i miss that a lot whats a website without smileys haha and people ask for that

  3. – embedded videos are not playable on-site, no need to leave for external destinations.

    i dont get this?

  4. How about comment replies? So you don’t have to leave your profile to reply to comments left by someone else? Heck, even if it worked like comments in newsfeeds, that would be awesome.

  5. In the photo update can you add the feature to delete old large picture files? Right now now the database stores all pictures even after downsized. So mostly there are two large pictures for every picture loaded. Also there is no way to load pictures via url from external site.

  6. Guys, have you had a chance to look into problem with email encoding? Is there a fix for that? I’m using Russian as a default language on my site and the language is the biggest problem for me so far.. I’ve also posted my question on support forum, but it seems like noone knows how to fix it 🙁

  7. Guys, as always, your suggestions and reports are welcome at the appropriate places. Blog is not a suitable place for discussing details.

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