Nominate Oxwall for People’s Choice CMS Awards

Hi guys!

We hope you are enjoying the summer (as well as our latest release), and have some free time on your hands. Feel like giving us a small pat on the back for all the work we put into the project? Here’s your chance.

The nominations for the annual People’s Choice CMS Awards are open until August 15, and we need a little help from you to get to the finals. We already claimed the accolades for Best Social Network Solution in the past, and it’d be nice to repeat that.

So here’s where you come in –

  • Go to People’s Choice CMS Awards nomination form;
  • Enter your name and email;
  • Enter “Oxwall” as the product name;
  • Tick off the “Best Social Networking Solution” “Best Free PHP CMS” and “Best Open Source PHP CMS” categories;
  • Give an example of when you’ve used Oxwall or list URLs of sites you’ve created with it.

And that’s it. The process is free and takes only a couple of minutes, but it gives us an enormous confidence boost, confirming that we are moving in the right direction.

Oxwall Foundation

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12 thoughts on “Nominate Oxwall for People’s Choice CMS Awards

  1. I see only

    Best Free PHP CMS
    Best Free JAVA CMS
    Best Free .NET CMS
    Best Free CMS (Other Prog Langs)
    Best Open Source PHP CMS
    Best Open Source JAVA CMS
    Best Open Source .NET CMS
    Best Open Source (Other Prog Langs)
    Best Small to Midsize Business PHP CMS
    Best Small to Midsize Business JAVA CMS
    Best Small to Midsize Business .NET CMS
    Best Small to Midsize Business CMS (Other Prog Langs)
    Best Enterprise PHP CMS
    Best Enterprise JAVA CMS
    Best Enterprise .NET CMS
    Best Enterprise CMS (Other Prog Langs)
    Best CMS for Corporate Intranets
    Best eCommerce Solution for SMB
    Best eCommerce Solution for Enterprise
    Best Free Forum Solution
    Best Commercial Forum Solution
    Best Cloud CMS for SMB
    Best Cloud CMS for Enterprise
    Best Website Builder

    Not Best Social Networking Solution….

    • Yes, you are right, my apologies. Looks like CMS Critic didn’t include Social Networking solution category this year. You can tick off “Best Free PHP CMS” and “Best Open Source PHP CMS” instead, these are the closest to Oxwall. Thanks for support!

  2. When I found this platform I thought it will be like many other I tried …. no offering much accept higher prices for everything ….. Oxwall is completely different ….is free and full of ideas with option to create your idea also . Top staff !

  3. Oxwall needs to put many of the plugins that you have to pay for into the script for free. At the moment they are ripping you off making you pay for these just so you can have a functioning site. Also support is slow or almost non-existent. How then can it be best social networking script? Don’t make me laugh dreamers.

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