Dev Diary, February 6, 2014

We know that as a rule our posts tend to be surprise announcements of releases, despite the fact that many community members are keen on learning what us, Oxwall guys, are actually up to in the times between updates. Well, recently we’ve come to think that it’s a pretty good idea to let you in on all the fun we have inside, namely, our work process and development progress. Ready? Here we go.

We understand that there are still many elements within Oxwall software that can be improved. Let’s take a look at one such area, which will likely make it to the next iteration – the functionality extension of user roles and account types.

The problem here is the lack of option for admins to assign an individual user role per individual account type during new member registration. At the moment all new site members get the same user role, unless admins set said roles manually, which significantly complicates their work on community-driven sites. Say, you have a literature-driven community with writers and readers. These roles are obviously different for members, as writers write posts, while readers can comment or grade them. Putting an option in place for admins to assign individual user roles during registration will make their lives much easier.

Now, there are also a couple of related issues with account types. The interface is somewhat difficult to grasp, and there is also the fact that one question can be assigned per one account type only. Both of these will be tackled, and in the result the interface will become significantly more user-friendly, while single profile questions will be allowed to be assigned per multiple account types simultaneously.
Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight on the things that keep us occupied. There’s a lot of stuff we have to share with you, so keep reading our blog for more info on our adventures in development.

Oxwall Team.

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9 thoughts on “Dev Diary, February 6, 2014

  1. You can press terrible but I see improvements
      this pleases me if newly done and feed in real time
    and grew the team and finish the movable
      then be proud of the oxwall that they have the best software for social networks
      Well done

  2. We’ve been using Oxwall for almost a year now in a slow migration away from our site on the Ning platform, and I really appreciate the work that the development team does. It would be helpful if comment notifications could include notices for comments on third party content. This has been perhaps the biggest request from our users who are familiar with the Ning system. On Oxwall, they only get emailed comment notifications for people who have commented on their own content, but are kept out of the loop if they comment on another person’s content and want to be notified of any following comments. It’s a feature I’d really like to see, as it does much to promote more interaction. Thank you.

    • Thanks for this suggestion, we’ve been considering this. It requires to remake the current comment engine, that’s why it’s still the way it is.

  3. It’s a very good idea to give us more development progress news.
    Better users roles and accounts types will be very usefull, and I wait to see the lot of other stuff you have to share with us to make Oxwall even better than it is !
    Love 🙂

  4. How about help in fixing my site, I did the auto 1.6 update on Jan 9, ever since that day my site has been completely screwed up. I have wrote to oxwall several time, posted in the blogs and forums several times, and my only response was what theme are you using. After responding to that question no one has given me any help other than oxwall to say pay us $99 and we will fix your site.

    • Please, keep in mind that this is free software, maintained by a small team of enthusiasts. Since nobody is paid to help you, it may require some work and patience to communicate the problem on the forums and have somebody help you. Also, as you noted, there are commercial entities offering support for Oxwall. You may choose to go that route.

  5. It would have been nice if comment like (like the add on comment voting costing $ 15) is a built in feature. In my currency it is a good amount for such a basic feature. No offence, just want to use Oxwall as much as I can and see it grow better.

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