Oxwall 1.6 released

Today is January 8, and somehow this date is important… Oh yeah, today Oxwall 1.6 is getting unleashed into the wild.

Oxwall 1.6 is available for download immediately. All details about this release can be found here.

Important: If you are running Oxwall of any previous version, you are encouraged to wait until the auto-update prompt appears in your admin area. Before you attempt it, make sure to:

  • Back up your website. Seriously, folks, better safe than sorry;
  • Install all available plugin updates right after the platform update completes;
  • Install a theme update right after the platform update completes.

If you don’t want to perform the update yourself, our friends from Skalfa can do it for you. Also, check other companies specializing in Oxwall support.

Everybody, have fun!

Emil & the Oxwall team.

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64 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.6 released

  1. It’s missing the Munchen theme, but i didn’t install it yet. I dont know if it’s intentional or not.

  2. In OXWALL STORE, a filter for 1.6 will be greatly helpful – that is, plugins that work fine with Oxwall 1.6
    Plus, please include a helpful link that demonstrates how easily language can be changed into any non-available language

  3. One more question: Where can i find Sign Up/or Join in mobile version? Thank you in advance.

  4. i love to hear that oxwall 1.6 is out. i am really interested in the mobile friendly website an the world is going mobile. i wish to have a chatroom in it.

    • It will probably take a day or two for Softaculous and other installers to catch up with the new version.

  5. Thanks for the release, the automatic upgrade is not yet available in the admin panel, I may have to upgrade manually. Thanks once again for the release.

  6. Thank you guys! Excellent work, with open source power!
    I would like to contribute translating it to pt-BR. How can I do so?

  7. so what did get updated? i only see the new theme and mobile version but not anything else what changed can u give me more details?

    Kind regards,

  8. A historical date and making everybody excited and eager to have 1.6 running in their server.

    Thanks Oxwall Team.

  9. Where can I find the New Theme: München?
    How can I test or find Mobile Browser Version / emulate it in desktop?
    How to tag/mark on photos itself?

  10. Hi team,

    Eagerly waiting to upgrade. Just checking if the update button will appear on the dashboard or any other area in the admin area?

    Cheers and congratulations on the new release.

  11. Ok. I just finished platform update from the admin panel and it told me that i have updated to 1.6 and then gave me two links… go to admin and go to site. Now the problem is; non of them seem to load. I have clicked on “go to admin” and nothing happens… I have equally clicked on the website also still nothing… My site has suddenly refused to load after the platform update. Please Oxwall, what do I do?

    • Ok… It’s up. I figured even after the update, I have to wait for a couple of minutes – possibly for some file transfer that hasn’t completed yet. Updating plugins now….

  12. i try to visit site from mobile phone (lucid lg smart phone) and it says to many redirects……wont go to website

  13. Not sure I want to update to Oxwall 1.6 right now. Do I have to update to the new platform? Also do I update all plugin’s now even if I don’t update to 1.6?


  14. Tried updating from my admin area using my ftp attributes, now I can’t access my site! All I see is couple of OW DEBUG NOTICES! I need help please!
    NOTE: I’m a novice!

  15. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but my site is super duper slow now that it’s been upgraded. I’m gonna give it a little while, but yea.

  16. Ok so my comment was deleted for w.e reason.
    Anyways. My site is super slow and the mobile looks absolutely terrible on my droid x. All I get is a white page with links and images, that hardly even load. It looks like poorly put together app with no theme at all. I know how hard the work is building this stuff, but what’s the deal with this? I can’t show a pic of my phone.

    • This is because your theme isn’t compatible check to see if your theme has been updated or switch to origin

    • To show us how the site is displayed on your phone:

      If you’re on an iPhone, press the Home button while holding down the Power button, then release both.
      If you’re on Windows Phone 8, press the Start button while holding down the Power button, then release both.
      If you’re on Android, Hold down the Power button for a few seconds, and in the menu choose “Save screenshot” (or similar).

      In all cases whatever is displayed on your phone is saved to the phone’s memory. Then you can upload that picture.

  17. After many months of waiting quietly in the background, it’s time to get those postponed projects back on track.

    Thank you Oxwall team, you have made many of us happy and excited to start a new year with such enthusiasm!


  18. 0+0=0
    expect anything to change with the adoption
    1.6 Unfortunately nothing happened
      or a group of newς feed
    the mobile is not for tears

  19. Hi,
    I have use the auto update in the admin page, however after the update it has a Error 500 Internal Server Error. I can no longer enter to my site. I have a back up of my file, what specific file I need to undo so that I can access my site again.


  20. The auto update has not yet appeared in my site admin. It’s now Jan 16. Is something wrong?

  21. Hmmmm, so in the mobile version you can’t check notifications, you can’t join and no chat.

    Bit of a let down really, I’m going back to my responsive theme using oxwall 5.3.

    Great effor pt just seems like it has been a rushed release which has so much more left to be done on it.

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