Moving forward

Hi all. With the successful release of Oxwall 1.6 we wanted to express our appreciation for your passion, assistance, valuable feedback, and patience. All we aim for is to give you the best product, while remaining committed to the constant improvement.

It is no secret to anyone that mobile is the future. Thus itโ€™s quite satisfying for us to finally make the first all-important step in this direction, and give you the long-awaited mobile platform. This is just the beginning, with plenty of new features forthcoming, in addition to all kinds of mods for the already present ones.

Excited and full of energy, we are moving on with our other development plans. Check out our Roadmap. It’s gonna be cool, so make sure to stay tuned! Once again, thank you!

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11 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. i love oxwall. you guys are doing great work. God bless everybody team members and protect you alll. Amen

  2. I appreciate this feedback from the leadership of oxwall since the release of 1.6!
    1.6 definitely is the right step in the right direction and though there are present setbacks, I am optimistic the oxwall team is able to surmount them!
    Wish a thank you is worth a million dollar and I’ll give a thousand of them to the team! Nevertheless, I’ll still say Thank you! Through your sacrifice and service my dreams are coming alive! Long live oxwall!

  3. Just downloaded your software for my site two days ago. Well guys, I must admit that I tried many CMS in the past, but yours is my favourite. Thanks and go on!

  4. I tried several frameworks for my resource portal and Oxwall as the first platform that allowed me to tweak as I needed. The first round was a great launch with a comfortable learning curve and 1.6 was a nice next step.
    Lots of room for improvement, and working around a few issues, but I can always see the path ahead.

    Thank you for a well thought platform.

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