Vote for Oxwall at 2013 Critic’s Choice CMS Awards

We are busy with Oxwall 1.6, we just gave developers enough material to be busy with, and now we have an idea what the rest of the community could do.

Oxwall has been nominated for the Critic’s Choice CMS Awards again this year. I’ll remind you that in 2012 Oxwall won People Choice award in the Best Social Network Solution category, thanks to you.

So, if you want to vote for Oxwall this year again, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to Critic’s Choice CMS Awards homepage;
  2. Enter your name and email;
  3. In the Best Social Network Solution category (last on the form) choose Oxwall and submit.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to show your appreciation for our hard work, while we fight for your convenience. With Oxwall 1.6 we are aiming to repeat and exceed the impact of Oxwall 1.5 last year, so now you can do it, too.

Thank you,
Emil Sarnogoev & the Oxwall Foundation team

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13 thoughts on “Vote for Oxwall at 2013 Critic’s Choice CMS Awards

  1. It was supposed to be released in JUNE. I might forget to vote, much like you guys did to us. Very frustrating.

  2. MAIN I will say this only
      the idea of ​​having the ochsall free software is perfect
      With a very good basis
      The point is that trade has become
    It’s a shame and injustice original thought to be the oxwallFree Software
      to stop the sale and purchase
      of various additives and to be free of those who want to work free if we do not let no bird
      Scoring will not be the oxwall Over 2
      and uses a simple idea is lost or eliminated commercial
      and very poor quality

  3. I can’t vote on a software that its not out yet! The voting must be the softare of the year, and the last year Oxwall did it, but now i dont think so, there wasnt any big update since, we are waiting for it, and if you gonna say… whats the matter… its free!… I’m gonna tell you that you can make all the plugins that you want and make the most money than you like… its not about the software, its about their broken promises, and their software that isn’t released yet

    • what do you mean “isn’t released yet”? the software is out there. you can get it for free and start working today. do you expect them to release some kind of new software? or are you saying that all the other nominees released new software, not the products that were in the nomination last year? you vote for existing software, not updates!

      the only valid point might be about the broken promise (of the new update), but in my humble opinion, that’s a stretch as well. would you rather get an unfinished update on the promised date or wait for the proper release? it’s not like the present form of software doesn’t work. jeez.

  4. Oxwall is the best i ever saw . but the only thing it lacks is a Facebook like wall. But the others in the website rocks and is the best.

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