Oxwall 1.6 is delayed

Earlier we announced to release it in June, then we changed the target to August, now we are doing it again. Yes. Sorry.

We are very aware about armies of users waiting 1.6 with mobile solutions, and we know that expectations are high. This is the exact reason why we are taking more time to develop and polish every detail.

I’ll remind you that we are not just making “mobile versions” of essential plugins — our task is to also provide a basis for mobile plugins by other developers. Oxwall is a platform. Originally, Oxwall 1.0 also took much longer than it would take to just develop its community site features. And inevitably, also longer than we planned.

Oxwall 1.5 received spectacular feedback and community movement. We are aiming at repeating and exceeding this with 1.6. Having said that, I want to assure you that we are not making this mistake of miscommunication again. Target release date will be announced when we are 100% able to meet it, about the time Oxwall 1.6 enters the internal testing stage.

Oxwall has been known for its quality and support beyond what people expect from open source projects of similar size. We will do our best to keep it this way further. It’s your support and feedback that enables us to do so.

Thank you,
Oxwall Foundation team

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32 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.6 is delayed

  1. Why are you not releasing some changes already,and mobile platform later.
    Also doing releases in steps will take away the spam bots 🙂

  2. You guys are still my friends. It it took a year, so be it. v1.5 with a responsive template works amazing and yes a built in mobile version would be great.

    Take as long as you need. I for 1 (or millions) understand coding doesn’t always go to plan.

    Best Regards

  3. Really SAD to hear and was expecting something for a quite long time …. 🙁 Please display us with a graph of what exactly you guys are doing so we can also wait and even give support to you guys !

  4. Any news on a date? even a rough idea? I understand you do not want to mis-lead people but the post really leaves the idea that it could be a very long time!

  5. Honestly, I’m not surprised by this at all. It stinks that I have been waiting anxiously since June for this update but what can you do…I will say that this, however; the lack of direct communication with Oxwall users is what really put me on edge. I’m not talking about forum posts about when someone wants to know when it is being released. I’m talking about actual blogs or tweets that indicate to you users how the process is going. Keeping people in the loop is Mich better than nothing at all.

  6. So then…it’s not delayed, it’s just taking longer. I strongly suggest if you wanna be known as an epic, open-source software, that you start being more open with the progress of development, updates, and more..

  7. This was again make us more eager for 1.6, so we are expecting a Oxwall Revolution in OSS industry with the arrival of Oxwall 1.6 ……Emil please make sure that Oxwall 1.6 will live before X, Mas….

    Stanly Stephen
    Gangster Solutions

  8. I am very sad and cry about your news ! You make me happy and you make me die! I will be die when I see your news ! Hick hick cry cry

  9. I love the social network I have, Though at times it’s hard to get people to post I feel once the mobile ability is set in stone this will help communities have more impressive social exchanges. Why? well most users come online with “intent” to get something done Email, Video Games, Movies etc. So with the mobile ability this will allow people when on a bus or somewhere they need something to do be more active in Oxwall communities.

  10. This application is too good to rush. Thank you so much for sticking with it for so long. I hope development is going well.

    • Good to hear the developers keeping in touch with the users 🙂
      i say take all the time in the world guys, your doing an amazing job 🙂
      and to all the ones being a sook should just try write a social media platform for their own if they cant wait 😛

  11. Hello! I suspected that waiting too long! but I will quietly wait!
    because oxwall also deserves from members know and understand wait!
    again thank you to the many dévllopeurs!

  12. I am eagerly waiting for the update. Waiting for mobile version and some nice, unique, and challenging feature which will make Oxwall best social platform.
    The news made me sad. However, hope you guys are making it awesome. Thanks for the update. Best of luck.

  13. Disappointing that Oxwall 1.6 is delayed, but its an impressive piece of software and free! So guys, take all the time you need and many thanks for all your hard work and making it open source! Cheers

  14. OH! MAN Not Again……….
    But no problem.
    I think it will be a revolutionary change that Oxwall 1.6 have mobile compatibility so I can Wait For IT!

  15. The worst thing about this delayed release is the lack of effective communication. Just one blog post per week (or so) just to say this is the state of where we are and what we’re working on, would at least give people something to chew on until the full meal is ready. Instead, you only return to say the dinner is still being cooked while our belly rumble as the wind and flies, or worse, gorge themselves on the enzymes building inside our empty gut…

    • as per above..if you cant wait each time for an update on what is 100% free anyway 😛 Feel free to leave, go away and make your own social media platform 😉

      • I’m actually amazed by your very unnecessarily rude response. What exactly was wrong with the suggestion that you provide progress report while we wait for v1.6?

  16. One of the most important features in a social network is to likes comments!
    I hope this new version is possible.
    Thanks for your efforts.

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