SkaDate Lite: Oxwall for dating

While we work on this much awaited release (1.6 with mobile), our friends from Skalfa shipped the first commercial product based on Oxwall – SkaDate Lite.

This is an impressive product and a business solution for setting up an online dating site. Skalfa has been working in online dating market for almost a decade, so it’s fascinating to see Oxwall platform as the basis for a sophisticated business product.

Technically, SkaDate Lite consists of the Oxwall platform, specific dating plugins, dating site themes, and support solutions. A smart move by a commercial company that opens up the potential of the platform.

Right now we are talking to several other entities who plan to create vertical products based on the Oxwall core. We are ready to offer all kinds of assistance for that. This was our long-term goal from the very start, since Oxwall is a sophisticated platform that provides instant community features for any type of a website. SkaDate Lite is the first, but definitely not the last Oxwall-based third party product.

This is only the beginning.

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8 thoughts on “SkaDate Lite: Oxwall for dating

  1. If you guys are looking for inspiration on what your product is doing for people imagine what an amateur with no programming experience and no web experience did with it. A responsive oxwall site i’m planning to use for my country. Again im a rank amateur so imagine what pros can do.

  2. It would be great if there was more documentation and documented examples for interested developers / development companies.

    The information and documentation available ist more than scarse …

  3. I must say it.. Oxwall is the next BIG thing! Isn’t PHP just like magic for us all? I find it amazes me the more I get into it.
    Oxwall what you made is just like a dream that can come true… I am a hardcore WordPress lover and builder… but if we all thing a bit out of the box? Your platform can power so many online marketeers.. sky is the limit.
    Maybe not the next Facebook.. but hey.. I was thinking outside the box for a moment.. what If we need to create a real good training sollution.. this is a great idea then.. and not having to find the best plugin for that goal in WordPress.

    Again I love WordPress.. but this platform you got here amazes me.. I just fout out today via Installatron installer.. wantend to see what’s more possible besides WP 😉

    No idea if your solution is great for SEO like WP. But what we can do with this is only limited in our imagination.

    Thanks for greating such a great piece of websoftware!
    I will for sure check it out.
    Have a great day.


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