The state of Oxwall 1.6

We are 5 days before the end of June, which we promised as the month of Oxwall mobile release. I have to inform you that we move the target release date to August.

We are deep in design and development, we make a lot of iterations to finally deliver the best result. This forces us to change plans because we always prefer quality to speed. That way we can deliver the results that you’ve come to expect from Oxwall.

This piece of news may disappoint somebody, but it’s all about not disappointing you with the product.

Critics Choice CMS Awards

Now, while we are working hard to put our best effort into your hands for free, you can do something in return. CMS Critic announced nominations for Critics Choice CMS Awards for this year.

Just to remind you, in 2012 Oxwall won People’s Choice award in the “Best Social Network Solution” nomination. Many of you contributed to this recognition, and now it’s time to repeat and outperform it.

  • Go to Critics Choice CMS Awards nomination form;
  • Enter your name and email;
  • Enter “Oxwall” as the product name;
  • Tick off the “Best Social Networking Solution’ category.

You are done. Oxwall is on its way to conquer the world.

We are excited with the growth of the project and can’t wait to give you the next major piece of Oxwall evolution. Let’s create the next wave of the social Internet together.



Oxwall Foundation

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28 thoughts on “The state of Oxwall 1.6

  1. I’m slightly upset lol but I’m happy your spending the time to make it right. I would really love more information about how the mobile site is going to work and look like.

    • I agree. I get it that they want to surprise us, but when you have a software like this that is increasingly growing each day, it’s important to not keep the development process hiding from the users.

  2. We will be patient.
    I have one question. This Oxwall 1.6 will be free and open source like previous or will be paid.

    • Of course, Oxwall 1.6 will be free and open source. We have no plans of changing that.

      • Thank you for your response.
        I eagerly wait Oxwall 1.6. I hope will be one of the best software for social networking.
        Thank you again.

  3. Is this only about the Mobile Platform? What other new things have you added to the over all core software?
    Of course OXWALL will be the greatest CMS. We will offer our votes.

    • Mobile interfaces will be the biggest feature of Oxwall 1.6, but of course, there will be a lot of other useful enhancements. We never stop refining the product.

  4. he You have my vote…
    but can we know some of Feature ? To increase the enthusiasm
    i hope this V support RTL 100% thank you from morocco
    I wish you the best

  5. At least it will be better the mobile update.While you or doing this if you find time could you put some cats into the blog ,or someing in admin were we can add cats to the blogs,its a bit rubbish with no way of adding cats into a blog (thanks)

  6. Will there be new features like geo IP language selection, membership types with a payment gateway or similar things_

    • No plans for that as of yet. Perhaps someone from the developers community might look into this?

  7. Certainly, a sad news, however, Oxwall was always amazing and I bet it still, so it’s worth wait 😀
    At June 5 will make one year that I’m using Oxwall and I have nothing against it and, certainly, I’ll vote to Oxwall as the Best!
    Oxwall FTW!

  8. Thank for your hard work, i’ll wait, but Try to fix the errors that we continuesly get like error500, and would be nice if you add the option of making users able to remove their profile pic without having to replace it, thanks.

  9. Great things comes to those who wait 🙂 Im sad about the postponing but i will wait for the Good news, I just voted…So besides mobile what else is coming Oxwall ?

  10. I came, I saw, I voted.

    I’m glad you guys are taking more time to work out the kinks with the new version. I’m sure we will all be pleasantly surprised when 1.6 comes out.

  11. Thanks to you all for such a great product Could you insert the feature friends suggestions like in facebook and instant search option in search boxes.

    Thanks in advance

  12. Also, I know you wanna surprised but is it possible to slip in the small site title affect when someone gets a new message, invite, friend request, and/or notification? Like on Facebook, if you get like one new message and two notifications, the title would go from “My Oxwall Website” to “My Oxwall Website (3)”

    Just a recommendation. Keep up the good work!

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