There won’t be Oxwall 1.5.4

โ€ฆ because there will be Oxwall 1.6.

Per our stated schedule, at this moment we should be preparing Oxwall 1.5.4 – a minor maintenance build with a few bugfixes. We decided to not release it and continue working on more important things. By skipping what can wait, we will not be distracted from what cannot wait at all – Oxwall 1.6.

Why is Oxwall 1.6 so important? It will have the long-awaited mobile browser version.


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At first, in Oxwall 1.6 only the platform and critical native plugins (newsfeed, photo, blogs, and such) will support mobile browsing. Other plugins come later. Third party developers and designers will be able to implement mobile support in their plugins and themes, too.

So, Oxwall 1.6 is expected to land in June. The exact release date will be announced later.

Show me preview!

Hold horses, buddy! Are you a fan of movie spoilers? Really? We suggest everyone to be as patient as we are, so it gets handsomely rewarded in the end.

We are really excited how mobile Oxwall is turning out, and we can’t wait to share it with you. As you know, mobile browsing already overtook desktop in some parts of the world, and is quickly moving to be the primary way to surf the web worldwide. We are very aware about the importance of superior Oxwall experience on mobile devices, so we are doing our best with it. This is why it’s taking so long. For good.

We hope to impress you with our work again. It’s a real pleasure to observe the growth of the project, the number of users, store items, and finally, high quality websites powered by Oxwall. This is what keeps us going day in, day out.

Thank you,

Emil, Oxwall team

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38 thoughts on “There won’t be Oxwall 1.5.4

  1. Awesome sooner than i expected

    only one question .

    will the mobile pages have customizable layout just like the dashboard user profile pages on main site?

  2. Cant wait to see the mobile! ๐Ÿ™‚ def gonna make oxwall even more great!

  3. Finally ,you guys …made it ….Dont forget about the chat plugin…..Still waiting for the common chat room…or please include the php free chat script.

  4. Thank you Oxwall team, this will be fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚ and just to let you know your work is greatly appreciated, many many many people around the world would not have a website, organisation, business etc. without the work you do, as well as all third party developers, me included!!! Look forward to this update

    • URLs will be different. When a regular URL is accessed from a mobile phone, there will be a redirect to the mobile version. Also, there will be a link to full site version.

      • Is it possible to set a direct connection to the mobile site via sub-domain? For example, whether you’d be on a phone or computer, you could access the mobile site at like ?

  5. Will this be implemented with IPhone and IPad in regards? I am aware that members are not able to upload photos using these devices.

    • The mobile browser version is being developed with phones in mind. iPad (with iOS6) should support photo upload just fine when using simple (HTML) uploader interface.

  6. Oh my God! I’m so excited, this is going to make this the best summer of my still early-ish life! Also, people, for the “not showing previews” thing, we were all excited for Notifications in real-time of 1.5, and we didn’t get to see that until release (well, unless you were a BETA tester.)

    Which reminds me to ask since I’m a tester, will you hold a BETA test for 1.6? Thanks for any replies!

    Founder & CEO of WeeShare!

    • Of course, 1.6 beta will be available prior to the general release. We’ll announce it later.

      • Ah, amazing! The kid inside of me is squealing with joy!!! But there is one thing that kinda throws me off right now.

        When you mean mobile WEB, do you mean a basic mobil-ish site, or is the new mobile interface built for smartphones only? Being that I don’t have a smartphone, it’d be kinda hard for me to test it with my website..

  7. hi;
    all arabians and persians are not enjoying using oxwall
    we need that oxwall support both rtl and ltr like facebook !

  8. Wonderful and most anticipated part of the oxwall software.. Can’t wait to see this mobile version.. Oxwall rock.. Thumbs Up.. Incredible individuals making a formidable team.

  9. Keep up the good work Oxwall team it will have been better if oxwall team can include chat room with the new release..

  10. Good luck but it’s all too little, too late. I’ve given Oxwall 6 months since moving a large UK Government-funded site with 50,000 users (from Invision Board CMS) hoping of something better and as it is now Oxwall is simply not what it promised to be…..

    So I’ve nearly finished writing my own custom PHP software instead and figured out how to export my data from Oxwall’s overly complicated maze of a framework and database design (what a nightmare!).

    Bon Voyage and all the best in your future development.

  11. Awesome…
    Unrelated question,
    who would i contact for advice / help with building / modifing a Mod(Plugin)

  12. Hip hip hip, hurray!!!!!! I’m excited. A big thank you to the management of oxwall. Thanks 4 your effort, the benefit of what you do is beyond monetary reward. In your little way, you’re adding worth and value to the society. God bless you all.

  13. Wow, great announcement!
    Before I now start a new page with a bought theme customized by myself I have one question. Will there be “only” a special/new theme which includes the mobile version or can I simply “add” the mobile version to existing themes as well (even without nerd-php-programming-knowledge…)?
    Thanks for your answer!

    • Mobile support can be added to any theme. We will update some native themes to contain mobile CSS styles.

  14. Yeah, good news, thanks alot. Wondering if there’s screenshots too?!
    And what will be the changes, updates etc??
    I wish we could get the Language Packs built-in, that would be really really appreciated, please more focus on Lang Packs especially the Turkish one ๐Ÿ˜‰


  15. Also, besides just mobile, what other major updates may be included? One thing I’m wondering is when you guys can update the way a user gets notified of a new message in the IM. Instead of making it blink, you should have the chat tab make a number of the new messages appear.

  16. Congratulations!
    Will it be possible to update directly from the admin page or should we upload a ZIP update file on the server ?

    Olivier (french user & translator of Oxwall)

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