Oxwall 1.5.2 Released

Oxwall 1.5.2 Released

Right when you didn’t expect it, (oh wait, you did) Oxwall 1.5.2 hits the Earth. This is a scheduled maintenance release that you are recommended to use over all previous versions.

Available for immediate download: oxwall.org/download

The new theme

Meet Showcase theme!



This new plugin is for connecting your website to your Cloudflare account. It allows you to decrease your page load time by 20-30%, decrease hosting server load time, and maintain your website up for static content when it’s actually down.

We recommend Cloudflare because we use it at Oxwall.org. They also have a free plan.

View setup manual.

IE8 support drop

With this release we decided to pull the plug on IE8 support. It’s an old, insecure, standards-be-damned, dead-on-arrival browser by Microsoft that clearly shouldn’t be used at this point.

Starting with 1.5.2, Oxwall no longer supports IE8, and this is good news for everybody: 1) if you are still using IE8, here’s a nice little reason #598453739842035609 to drop it and download a better, newer, more secure browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. 2) if you don’t use it, you will enjoy faster development cycles from our team.

– Changelog –


  • run the cron job on page refresh
  • redesigned tag input
  • direct permissions management for index/dashboard/my profile widgets.
  • fixed minor issues with the default Origin theme
  • fixed glitch with single choice/drop down profile questions
  • installation script now overwrites config.php if permissions are allowed
  • fixed markup issue on Privacy&Permissions page in admin area
  • fixed markup issue on Pages&Menus page when too many menu items are added to the main menu area
  • rss widget: links now open in new window
  • added default delimiters in toolbar for IPC decorator
  • redesigned “Choose theme” page in admin area
  • fixed an ability to remove account type if any profile questions are assigned to it
  • fixed a glitch with too long titiles for widgets on site index/dashboard/profile view pages

Activity Notifications

  • added an option for users to receive notifications immediately
  • added notification when someone posts a status on user’s profile page

Import contacts

  • added invitation by email
  • fixed facebook invitation page
  • added HTTPS support for facebook import configuration (Secure Canvas URL)


  • added “Upload photos” button on “view photo album” page
  • redesigned comment box – redesigned “Add photo” page

Other plugins

  • Mailbox: fixed markup issues
  • Blogs: added My Drafts button
  • Events: redesigned attendance buttons
  • Newsfeed: fixed a link to profile in birthdate entry
  • Forum: changed the way attachments are named

– Upgrade –

As always, do not forget to back up your sites before launching the update, just in case, as an extra precaution.

  • Back up your site
  • Update the platform (Instructions)
  • Update all of the installed plugins
  • Update your themes.
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21 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.5.2 Released

  1. oh well ,looks like the chat plugin +,friends problem is still isnt solved 🙁 eitther u can have friends plugin and add them to chat or you can let all people in site to chat together without the friends plugin 🙁

  2. ◾added an option for users to receive notifications immediately

    where can i find that or is it not possible if you are admin?

  3. Has the issue been fixed where it shows members joined on the front page and their birthday stuff even when tehy have never verified their email to become a member?

  4. shocking, i was waited but its totally unexpected. i checked the showcase theme yesterday, beautifull. now m going to check this version.

  5. Hello

    I would like to congratulate you for developing!
    I have some questions to be able to update my site:

    1 – would unlink the cron job update the page?
    In which file was done this setup?
    to optimize accesses in case of many?

    2 – the chat plugin has the scrollbar to show that not only the first 8 friends?


    • 1. Unlink is automatic if the Cron has been properly setup through the Site Cpanel. At present there is a bug when the unlink doesn’t happen if Cron was setup though the wget command (it should be setup through bash). This will be fixed in the nearest future.

      2. Yes.

  6. Sir There is problem to install oxwall in my cpanel following error appers

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_internal_encoding() in /home/aapnicho/public_html/ow_includes/init.php on line 35

  7. I’ve set up my cron job and it is working, yet the notification is not going away and is appearing on all pages of my admin.

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