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You can call us idealists. In 2011, when Oxwall project received independence and Oxwall Foundation was formed, we were thrilled by the idea of giving away a highest grade software to anyone in need for free. These two years showed steady growth, real demand, and increasing community activity.

Since we have to make sure that Oxwall long term development is warranted, it would be fantastic if you (yes, you) could help us pay for coffee and hosting bills. In the end of the day, it’s in the interest of every Oxwall community member: store sellers, plugin and theme buyers, and free users.

Donate here:

Oxwall Attribution link

As you remember, Oxwall is CPAL-licensed, which requires to have Oxwall attribution link in place. We are receiving dozens of requests for removal every day. To create a legal way for removal (but to still keep the license policy meaningful and working), we decided to allow it as an optional perk for donating funds to the project.

Please note, that we do not intend to “productize”, encourage, and mass-scale selling link removals, because we still think it’s bad for the community and useless for the site owner. Read our reasoning.

By somewhat backpedalling on our original policy, we only try to meet public demand. We came to Open Source to serve people’s needs. If allowing to remove the attribution is a part of it, so be it.

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34 thoughts on “Donate to Oxwall development

  1. Hello,
    And thank you!
    On the $50.00 donation for the removal – is this good for one site only? I’m asking because I have install your magnificent software on 3 more domains and if is not, can one get a discount? although this is a very small price to pay.

    Oscar Medina

  2. We are more than happy to display this link on our site. Oxwall is simply amazing. It would cost literally thousands of dollars to have something like this developed for a site. We are proud to be “powered by Oxwall”. 🙂
    ~Rick – Owner, VidigoSocial~

    • I agree all the way rick. where would you get a script like this for free? Give credit to the developers all the way. That way they can come up with more updates, plugins etc., also for free.

  3. How about having users decide their own amount instead of a $20? Some might even like to sponsor more or less.

  4. While i love the idea that oxwall is open to what people want, i do not think you should offer a way for people to remove a simple “link”, given your software is ‘FREE’, lets me honest you have made alot of people very happy with your software and alot of sites are using it, you should be very proud of this fact and a simple “link” back in return is not asking alot given it helps promote your software to more people, and hopefully then more people donate, help the community, and so on

    • Paul, you are right but we were receiving way too much requests. Some people are proud to show they use and support Oxwall. Other people desperately need to hide it. We just wanted to make it work for all, and the donation requirement is the best filter we could come up with.

      • I don’t see why you should allow people to be able to remove the link – its your software at the end of the day – the license is there for a reason.

  5. Paul, You’ve got it all wrong man! It’s ok to be a conformist who is so into supporting the rules of something for public recognition, that you really have no clue. Hell… it’s nothing new! The world is full of sheep. What about those people who are trying to grow a website? Lets think logically here. If Facebook offered a link below their page to get the open source Facebook software, would Facebook be as big as it is today? Most likely not! I guarantee, if you use Oxwall yourself, you have no more than a couple thousand users on your website unless of course you are part of the Oxwall team which would make your comment even worse due to the fact you would be in favor of yourself.
    I have been an Oxwall user for a few weeks now. By far, my favorite plugin developer is Purusothaman Ramanujam. His plugins are accurate, affordable, and to top it off, he has a great way of thinking. (after reading his message above)
    I think it’s important to learn the psychology of different people and their generations first (Generation X, Generation Y, Baby Boomers, etc), before doing business. I am from generation X. In reality, Oxwall is not free! I have spent over $200.00 in plugins and themes! I didn’t pay a 3rd party to send me a plugin that works for Oxwall. I paid I feel entitled to remove my link already! Not saying I have… I just feel I should be able to at this point. So far with Oxwall… My experience… We got Oxwall where it’s “open source” yet it’s really not that open source and plugins cost money as apposed to a community of people sharing like on WordPress. WordPress is extremely huge because it’s awesome software! So why did I choose Oxwall then if wordpress is so great? Well I just wanted a simple profile site where none of my users have to pay for anything. Something simple, that works. So far it’s cost me an arm and a leg, for being so simple. (I’m on unemployment at the moment) There are so many thousands of wordpress plugins that 30% are only “half developed” and the other 70% do way more than I really want them to do. The Simplicity of Oxwall is nice.
    $$$$$$$$$$ what everything is about today!! $$$$$$$$ After reading the donation page and realizing Oxwall has even come up with a fixed price after stating they are NOT about selling link removals, has me spinning in a ball of laughter! WTF are you doing then? lol You can’t be greatful of any donation?? Instead we have to pay your donation price? If we were not being told what to donate, everyone would donate more or less. (what they can afford and what they feel is necessary) For some, $50.00 is their food money for the month! For others, $50.00 is nothing.
    The opinion of a real Oxwall customer/user, ME: I think Oxwall should take back everyone’s free Oxwall software, close up the “open source” thing all together and make a business out of Oxwall. Instead of beating around the bush, like you are doing now, just start a business selling Oxwall for a few hundred dollars, provide hosting for $70.00 a month and charge for the all the plugins. This way you are being honest about selling and, you will have plenty of money! I think people removing the Oxwall link will be the least of your worries if you do this. If you still want to keep the link on people websites after they pay big bucks, then there would be something majorly wrong with the Oxwall team. Good luck and Cheers!!

  6. Thanks for the email. Hmm… decisions decisions… I need to rest on it. Oxwall is “open source”?

  7. $50 to remove Powered by Oxwall ? What kinda joke is this … this is literally daylight robbery !!!!
    You guys should charge more !!!! Now this is Great Over the Top ! Oxwall is Legen ….. wait for it … dary !

  8. I for one am happy to have the Oxwall logo on my site and see no reason whatsoever to remove it. I would also be happy to donate to Oxwall.

    However, as the Oxwall powered site that I run is a paid to social network site, I can go one better than just donating a small amount here and there so that the Oxwall Foundation (or anyone else for that matter) can generate an ongoing income from it should they wish to do so – not only that but you’d get free advertising too! If someone at the Oxwall Foundation in a position of authority would like to send me a PM then I would be more than happy to explain how to go about doing this!

    Keep up the good work, it is greatly appreciated

  9. Hi I don’t know what the big deal is about removing Oxwall logo, we all use microsoft, IBM, Norton and all the other companies ask them to remove their logo’s for $20.00 they would laugh at you, The way I see it I am not a developer but I have Oxwall developer’s for free, That’s the deal of the year. I will donate and keep your logo on any project that I use Oxwall with. So if you are on the forum every day asking Howto do this and that. Leave the logo where is and give credit where credit is do.

    WordPress user coming to OXWALL

  10. Wise decision, this is win win solution
    good plugins that make oxwall more competitive are not free, oxwall user grow, developer grow and oxwall groww

  11. I donated $ 50, but keap the link anyway. It is a great software and I am happy when I can make a small contribution to the project with link *and* donation. Great!

  12. I don’t mind displaying the powered by Oxwall at all.
    This is probably the best community software I have ever seen.
    While facebook may have alot of users , they have no style at all , basic blue & white UGGHHHHHH !!!!!

    Oxwall goes beyond that and offers so much more than FaceBook.
    So for someone who has the time and the money to really use the Oxwall software to their advantage , they could possibly blow Facebook out of the water.

    I agree that it will be hard considering the status that Facebook Has but . . . . .
    It can be done with determination.

    Kudo’s to Oxwall developers !! You guys rock ! I love the software and couldn’t picture my site without it now ! I am proud to display the powered by Oxwall logo !


  13. I would like to remove the attribution from my website but would like to know if there are any guidelines with regards to the removal or admins are allowed to go ahead and remove it from the code themselves. ie. are there standards/instructions for the attribution removal?
    Also, if I wanted to replace the code with a ‘like’ facebook button coded for oxwall, is this an issue?

    • I should add, that I will be to donating regardless of the response. I really appreciate not just the product but also the support.

  14. I donated $50 to oxwall and I want to remove the oxwall label and attribution link from my website. I replied them back to the payment confirmation email yesterday but still I see the label and attribution link. Can anyone please help?

  15. I would like to make some donation. Can you add some donation system using e-currency like libertyreveerse?

  16. i have the 50 usd donation but no guide to remove the POWERED BY OXWALL till now

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