Oxwall 1.5 available immediately

So, this day has come.

Instead of anticipating the end of the world, we offer you to start the new world with Oxwall. Now your community project can really start living with the new release from our team.

Oxwall 1.5 is available for immediate download. What’s in it?

Important: If you are already running Oxwall of any previous versions, you are encouraged to wait until it’s there in your admin area for autoupdate. Before you attempt it, make sure to:

  • Back up your website. Seriously, folks, better safe than sorry.
  • Install all available plugin updates right after the platform update.
  • If you use a third party theme, update it manually via FTP.

We hope you enjoy Oxwall 1.5 as much as we did while making it. We hope the Internet will now have more quality websites, thanks to your and our work!

Yours infinitely,

Oxwall team

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37 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.5 available immediately

  1. I have updated it thanks! But now I couldn’t see the Chat and Notification section, is these are as plugins?

  2. Thank you oxwall team was waiting for this release for a long time…

    When will the roadmap be updated?

  3. Thanks TEAM . We are eagerly waiting to update.. I have share hosting and using softaculous .. still now there is now update notification.. Madly waiting..

  4. I am eagerly awaiting the update and use Softaculous. When will version 1.5 be available on admin dashboard or Softaculous please. Can’t wait to update new version looks brilliant.

    • Your users and data should be safe, of course. Just make sure you backup before attempting the update.

  5. Hi!
    i get this msg

    ” Oxwall can’t connect to update server. Seems you need to enable `url_fopen` in your php settings. ”

    on my dashboard, can you explain me, how to solve this problem ?
    i mean how to enable url_fopen , that on server ? where is this configrution file is located and how to edit it, please tell me step by step.

    Oxwall can’t connect to update server. Seems you need to enable `url_fopen` in your php settings.

  6. update and no buttons are working customize this page, new topic button in forums not working can’t add group in admin area no buttons working
    not a good update

  7. Thank to oxwall team…but you need to mobilize the oxwall script please help us create a mobile page for this new oxwall software.

  8. How beautiful this the OW … I believe that this team in the right direction to make this software one of the world’s greatest .. I did a test in ambinete OW 1.5.0 before updating my site, the update was very smooth, but still there are some bugs, the Newsfeed and Notification are not updating, and the plugin shop are giving rise to the error site .. I will await the resolution of this problem before updating my website, meanwhile I’m just salivating .. kk

  9. Hi: I can’t see oxwall 1.5 in my admin area. It’s posible that this update not arrived yet? Or my oxwall not Works good? I can see blog updates in my admin area. Thanks (sorry for my english)

  10. We will the update come to simple scrips? I am in need of it! I tried manual update, but it all goes wrong! 🙁 or someone that could maybe explain to me how to do a proper manual update, that would be perfect! I think Oxwall is very good!

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