Oxwall wins People’s Choice Award for Best Social Networking Solution in 2012

Hey-ho! We love to inform you that CMS Critic named Oxwall People’s Choice for Best Social Networking Solution of 2012. This is the recognition of our hard work during this year and all of the improvements we’ve brought so far to the product and the emerging Oxwall ecosystem.

We are really honored by this acknowledgement, and it drives us to work even harder to reinforce this public opinion of Oxwall.

Right now we are getting down to internal testing phase for Oxwall 1.5 — the most anticipated release in our 2 year history. We are so excited about the upcoming event, we can’t see straight! Watch news, we want to share this excitement with you in several “From Dusk Till Dawn” cycles.

By using Oxwall you are also a winner, let’s celebrate it together!

Thank you,
Oxwall Foundation team

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16 thoughts on “Oxwall wins People’s Choice Award for Best Social Networking Solution in 2012

    • Oxwall is Best Social Networking CMS other than the others. I and my network is the user who has proven that oxwall very easy to use. I am proud of YOU to be the winner of this year. Congratulations to you!

  1. Sweet! Can’t wait for 1.5. But I have a question, will this one have a bit of a revamped MVP (I think that’s what it was called), style? Like, will the headers finally be made to be like the header of Facebook’s? With the logo, notifications, drop downs, etc?

    I’m just really psyched for this, sorry for rushing my questions. Haha, keep up the good work Oxwall!

  2. Well-deserved I must say. Oxwall works reliably, is easy to manage, and in contrast to other community building tools I tried goes easy on the server (important to me since I’m on shared hosting). Keep it up!

  3. Great Work Oxwall Team!!! – This is a Well Deserved recognition for all of your hard work making a great product. I’m really looking forward to implementing version 1.5 on my Oxwall site.

  4. Is there going to be a mobile version of the site in 1.5. This is the only thing that oxwll lacks for me.

    • Of course the mobile version will be built but not in 1.5. Otherwise it would be too god to be true πŸ™‚

    • We are still working on the mobile version, but even now the new default template Origin works fine on most mobile platforms allowing to run sites on smartphones and tablets with no reported issues.

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