Oxwall Store Digest: Top of the Line

While everybody’s waiting for the fabulous Oxwall 1.5, we thought we could sum up some of the new and noteworthy items in the Oxwall Store. We are enormously glad to see developers and designers working to make the product better and third party plugins and themes getting better and better in quality.

Now we want to share some of the examples with you:

Theme: Your Space (free)

Nice and clean light-blue theme for a community of any kind. The author is really being on a roll with all the new works recently and is improving constantly. We hope to keep seeing more themes from him, including free ones.

View theme | Author: OW Visuals

Theme: Biohazard ($10.99)

An aggressive dark theme for a serious active sports community, gamer club, and other high adrenalin and anti-establishment projects. Bring it on!

View theme | Author: OW Visuals

Theme: TwentyTwelve ($10)

A neutral and balanced theme that users choose for its attention to detail. This theme is not new but it works really well for those who choose it, so it’s essential that more people know about it.

View theme | Author: Oxwall CandyStore

Theme: Nightclubbing ($10.99)

Switch on those neon lights, the party is coming! Another fine work from OW Visuals for lifestyle websites, fan communities and for all other informal projects aimed at youth.

View theme | Author: OW Visuals

Plugin: Anti Spammer (free)

This is a fairly new yet wildly popular plugin that effectively neutralizes a great deal of spam on Oxwall-powered websites. Kudos to Paul for creating and supporting the plugin. The community is really grateful, as reviews show.

View plugin | Author: Paul Cuffe

Plugin: User Carousel ($10)

A nice addition to your site if you are into fancy effects. Shows your website users as a revolving carousel. Does it “wow” you?

View plugin | Author: Sergey Kambalin

Plugin: Who Viewed Me (free)

Users are always curious about who visits their profile. There are communities that can benefit from this curiosity to drive engagement. Is it suitable for yours?

View theme | Author: Oxwall CandyStore

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