Oxwall: 100,000 Downloads and Counting

Oxwall: 100,000 Downloads and Counting

Dear friends,

As many of you have noticed, we have climbed over another impressive milestone. Ladies and gentlemen, as of last week Oxwall Software has been downloaded over 100,000 times since first becoming publicly available! These are the numbers straight from our site, so the final figure is even bigger once auto-installer downloads are counted in.

We take this as great encouragement and a sign that we took the right development trajectory. In a few days we will give you Oxwall 1.4, and with the next programming cycle around the corner, we are already working on even more impressive features.

Indeed, we have a pretty hot summer ahead, with plenty of tasty delights coming your way pretty soon. Here is a sneak peek at what to expect in the nearest future:

  • New default theme
  • New real-time notification system
  • New member console
  • More professional themes
  • Store improvements
  • Mobile version
  • New CMS functions

As you can see, we are keeping quite busy to make sure all people downloading our software are not disappointed. Expect some of the listed features this coming season.

We would like to thank the entire Oxwall community for making this breakthrough a reality.

Oxwall Team.

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15 thoughts on “Oxwall: 100,000 Downloads and Counting

  1. good zima……..
    please make it mobile friendly…..
    and what is expected time for the launch of new features

  2. What does the new version for Oxwall plugin developers.

    As a plugin developer I see that many things are missing out in Oxwall.

    1) First and main thing is the oxwall team support for plugin deveopers.
    2) Hooks to modify or override the default/existing oxwall core functionality is missing and hope this can be added soon to create more exiting plugins.

    • We are aware of the issue. However, due to our limited resources we cannot solve all of the problems as fast as we’d like to. But we will eventually.

  3. That’s great, I’m glad that you have this kind of success with your software, I think you really deserve it. I’ve only been an Oxwall user for a couple of weeks, but so far it has been great to work with, and support is wonderful. Best luck for the future!

  4. I have downloaded Oxwall about 60 times or so having problems getting all to work. guess many have had the same problem, lol However congratulations.

  5. Let me start by congratulating the whole oxwall team.

    Let me also be so free to point out that without the dedicated plugin developers this software wouldn’t be so attractive to work with.
    I have been working with different social network software packages for the past 5 years now and most fail based on the fact that there are no dedicated plugin developers.
    This said ………. thank you plugin developers for taking care of our needs and keeping it affordable.


  6. with all of these features on the store only 100 plugins available….? So you think this is an improvement or a big loss? i believe you should also upgrade the plugins. WordPress plugins are now like million. in oxwall out of 100 plugins we can see 5 plugins which we like. video plugin doesnt work… embeded videos are only available to dashboard and main page. on the video page no video no matter how many videos uploaded (version 1.4.0). i was hoping that this site would be hosted by you guys but on the footer it say produly hosted by WordPress. aren’t you ashamed of the progress… oxwall depends on plugins and plugins doesnt work. 1000000 downloads for the community software but also check how many of them use that? if 1000000 downloads it 50% choose wordpress and the other 45% uses joomla and the left 5% uses oxwall. i hope u guys think this is a positive feedback for you guys to get a big change to the community… guys comeon… upload more plugins, upload more themes. think about unique ways. improve the chat, imporve the privacy, improve all the plugins or create some fancy ones for joy for entertainment…

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