Oxwall 1.4.0: New Photo Viewer, Google Contacts Importer, Improvements and Fixes

Hey guys, remember when we promised you a hot summer ahead? Well, the time has come, and we are ready to roll out the next eagerly anticipated update! By now you’ve seen bits and snippets of it everywhere, but here’s the real deal: Oxwall 1.4.0 is finally here. Before you get to it, though, don’t forget to


Seriously, this will save you a lot of headache if something goes wrong, although, nothing really should. Anyway, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be fine:

  1. Back up your site;
  2. Update the platformΒ (Instructions);
  3. Update all of the installed plugins;
  4. Update your themes;

Also, don’t forget that you don’t have to do a thing manually. Just wait for the AUTO UPDATE BUTTON, pressing which will do the trick. The button will appear in the Admin Area within 24 hours after the launch of the update.

So, let’s get down to business and see what’s inside Oxwall 1.4.0:


  • Completely redesigned photo browsing;
  • Private photos: fixed display in top rated list;
  • New design element, Context Action: currently on photo view only;


  • Google Contact Import is back and improved;


  • New dashboard widget Quick Links, instead of separate plugin widgets;


  • Profile Newsfeed: new ability for others to post;
  • Main Β Newsfeed enhanced;


  • Added search results order by date and relevance;
  • Form buttons location redesign;


  • Ability to choose preview images for posted URLs;


  • Long titles and descriptions are now truncated;


  • Fixed a bug with “&” symbol in personal messages;


  • Fixed double paging;


  • Birthday fields (date/month/day) can be translated via Language section;
  • Fixed online user display in case of “me only” mode;
  • Flagging now works without page reload;
  • Moderators now can see private content for moderation;
  • Various language strings fixed;

So now you can see where our excitement came from. We hope you like the update, and if you do, tell us about it in the comments. The forum is the place if you encounter any problems. Enjoy the update and don’t forget to check our blog for more exiting news about future released.

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61 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.4.0: New Photo Viewer, Google Contacts Importer, Improvements and Fixes

      • i think that mobile version is pretty much important to our world today, because everything go gaga on mobile. and dont forget make it look sexy

      • Hmm, it shouldn’t be too far away so, still good news πŸ˜€
        One more question as I didn’t find it anywhere. In themes development can hooks be used (other than the ones triggered in CSS for background change and so on…)? For example let’s say I put in a footer some social icons and the user to be able to input twitter adress/username, facebook adress straight from the theme admin pannel.

      • Don’t want to be annoing. Can I have a response on my question as I need it so much? πŸ™‚

  1. This update appeared to run very smoothly which is good. One thing though, I notice that the credits plugin does not allow for giving members credits for importing contacts like it did at one time.

    Is there any possibility that this could be done for the next update or the plugin itself be updated. My members liked getting credits when their friends joined!

    Many thanks for the sterling work!

  2. Hi, Just done an update but the wysiwyg editor doesn’t work now its just plain text and some admin features no longer work I can’t edit Profile Questions but I can add new questions aslo the webpage is showing errors now.

    I may have to delete the whole site and start again with the backup?

    Any suggestions?

      • Please what abt the video uploading directly from ones computer not from youtube or stuffs.. pls work on this.

      • I FOUND a bug with version 1.4.0 ,the forum was broken. show beacause of internal server!!!!!!!! can you tell me how to fix it ?! urgent! any answer is appreciated!!!!!!!!!

  3. The New Options were too good but nothing works… the photo plugin nor the contact importer. Gives a 500 Error. Changed the debug mode to true. That doesn’t work even. Still get the error but the error message changes. Please fix the bugs.


  4. hi ,
    i have a one problem in my site after updated oxwall software.when we view the photo album and click the any image , image not opening also when i open it another tab image not showing…..
    any one tell me whats it happing…!

  5. Images are not opening in image viewer. Which theme is already 1.4 capable to support the new photo viewer?

  6. I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this blog. Keep up the good work.

    • you should change oxwall/ow_core/request.php line 223 :
      return $requestUrlArray[‘scheme’] . ‘://’ . $requestUrlArray[‘host’] . ( empty($requestUrlArray[‘path’]) ? ” : $requestUrlArray[‘path’] ) .
      ( empty($requestUrlArray[‘port’]) ? ” : ‘:’ . (int) $requestUrlArray[‘port’] ) . ‘?’ . http_build_query($currentParams) . ( $anchor === null ? ” : ‘#’ . trim($anchor) );

      to :
      return $requestUrlArray[‘scheme’] . ‘://’ . $requestUrlArray[‘host’].
      ( empty($requestUrlArray[‘port’]) ? ” : ‘:’ . (int) $requestUrlArray[‘port’] ) . ( empty($requestUrlArray[‘path’]) ? ” : $requestUrlArray[‘path’] ) . ‘?’ . http_build_query($currentParams) . ( $anchor === null ? ” : ‘#’ . trim($anchor) );

  7. Hi! I’ve updated to new version, but Dashboard page looks ugly and I can’t find those new features, like photo browsing and facebook/google invite. Could you please give me a link to more details or help somehow????
    Thank you!!!

  8. I still want to be able to have full control over my users. I want to be able to change there password, add users, edit their info etc. Can we have this in the next update?

        • I mean so if they like can’t access their email to change their password, they can notify us of this change and we can change their passwrd for them.

          Also, if they do something wrong as put information that is illegal etc on their profile information, we can remove it, things like that I want control over, I haven’t got that yet.

  9. I keep getting this error when I try to automatically update “Can’t unzip downloaded archive”. Any advice?

  10. good job .

    Please improve im chat . i m is not working up to 20 friends online . and add this function i m message sent automatically to mail box


  11. In the next update could you make it so specific roles can get access to certain pages and the rest can’t access that page (not just hide the page but an actual deny access page.)

    • Not planning this so far, but I believe you can implement it as a modification. Ask around on the forum for more info.

  12. The blog isn’t very good when you want to edit a post and when you’ve clicked update it goes to the top and replaces the old added date with when you updated it.

    Please fix this so if you edit a post it doesn’t move it to the top. Also can you do an update with sticky or “freeze” blog posts as I use the blog for news & updates.

  13. Hi,
    I just downloaded this release to install. I got a working system pretty quickly then logged out from the admin user.
    It won’t let me login again and says “Please fill the form properly” But I already filled in the correct username and password (If I get the password wrong it says “Invalid password”)
    I used the reset feature and set the password again. It lets me set it, but then won’t let me login.
    I thought it was because of my post install changes, so dropped the DB and removed the release files. Create new DB and unpack the .zip again. Same problem.

  14. In the next update could you make it so we could choose a set day we add stuff like videos etc like the “added:” bit to the users etc – like I could change the date I signed up or started. Plus I’d like to be able to add users via the admin area.

  15. In the next update please could you include a tougher verification code as I seam to be getting fake accounts signing up to my site.

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