Oxwall 1.3.2: User and Admin Improvements, Minor Bug Fixes

OXWALL 1.3.2

Following the completion of quality and beta testing we are ready to present you Oxwall 1.3.2. The new release fixes several minor bugs, and also introduces User and Admin improvements among other things.


Just follow these simple steps while bringing your software up to date, to avoid possible future issues:

  1. Back up your site;
  2. Update the platform (Instructions);
  3. Update all of the installed plugins;
  4. Update your themes;
  5. Enjoy the new version;

The Auto Update button will appear in your website’s admin area within 24 hours after the release of the update.



  • Cron setup changed (now uses HTTP);
  • Default user role is now impossible to remove;
  • Fixed the bug with the number of pics for WYSIWYG gallery;
  • Notifications “Someone posts a wall comment in a group I participate in”, “Someone invites me to a group”, etc., enabled by default;
  • Additional admin now cannot delete the super admin profile;
  • XSS vulnerability in the update script fixed;
  • Added file_get_contents check on server;
  • While editing a custom page it’s no longer possible to enter existing pages’ URLs.
  • Added rel=”nofollow” for auto-linking and WYSIWYG;
  • Changed buttons for group actions on profile lists in admin area;
  • Removed Exception message that happened while approving an already approved member;
  • Changed the order of displaying CSS graphics in the admin area;
  • Multiple language entries corrected;


  • Post tags are now added to meta keywords;
  • Added messages about successful post creation and editing;


  • Fixed friend request template;
  • With friend request a user automatically follows another user;

Instant Chat

  • Fixed ‘OW Debug’ error message when admins deactivated ‘Friends’ plugin;
  • Fixed ‘last activity 42 years ago’ bug;
  • Removed switching ‘for all’ and ‘friends only’ modes, making it dependent on the ‘Friends’ plugin;


  • ‘More’ button does not stick to the last letter any more;
  • Links now open in the new window;


  • ‘Ghost’ topics now removed in five days after the original topic move;
  • User no longer redirected to a new forum section after moving a topic;
  • Fixed ‘Latest Reply’ field when author profile deleted;


  • Fixed Flash object overlap;


  • Now more than 14 banners can be added to one ad place;
  • Added the ‘Hide Ads’ authorization action for user roles;


  • New events are now at the top of the list;
  • Long event locations now stay within widget;
  • If ‘Friends’ plugin deactivated you can invite all site users (who were not invited yet and are not registered for event);
  • Invite interface now shows all site users (up to 100) if ‘Friends’ plugin is inactive;
  • Added ‘Accept/Decline’ buttons to event invitations;
  • Event notification now disappears after visiting event page;


  • Fixed avatar while sending private messages from profile;


  • If ‘Friends’ plugin deactivated all ‘Friends Only’ settings change to ‘Only Me’;


  • If ‘Friends’ plugin deactivated you can now invite all site users (up to 100);
  • Group listings changed;
  • Invite notifications now disappear after visiting invitation list or group pages;


  • Redesigned group activity display;
  • Individual pages for every newsfeed item;
  • New option to choose preview picture for attached URLs;


  • E-mail notifications about new comments or likes for birthday items;

Enjoy the new release and feel free to drop us a line if you encounter any problems with it. Thank you for being such a great community!

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51 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.3.2: User and Admin Improvements, Minor Bug Fixes

  1. If someone leaves the website without signing out! Their profile still shows they are online! This is a mass drawback in chat & in this software! Please do rectify that pls…

  2. im excited about the new update see how it goes, i really hope the layout get more fancy and would be nice to see a classified plug in so added standed with paypal attachments etc

  3. I just updated my website manually, but there is no change in anything..There is no plugin updates available

  4. Hey there,

    Thank you for the update. Here are some issues that I have found so far

    Plugin issues (so far)
    1. The slideshow plugin no longer works
    2. The Arrowchat branding free edition ($79) no longer works. It displays on the admin backend, but no longer on the user end of the site.

    Core issues (so far)
    1. When leaving a comment on an individual users wall (on their profile), you have to refresh the page to see the comment you left. Normally the comment displays without having to refresh the page.

  5. Hi ,
    I have an issue with mass mailing.
    When I send mass mails, I can see the blink that messages are sent to the users. but users of my website are not actually receiving the emails. I checked with my web hosting provider, they said that there is no problem from there side. Can anyone please help me in solving this issue.

    And I am using oxwall 1.3.2

    Looking forward to your reply.

  6. Basicaly its what jason wrote on April 3, 2012 arrow chat only shows in admin and newsfeed & wall problems so users cant socialize on the social network site , I hope you find a solution cos its serious.x.x.x.x.

  7. there are so many issues to list
    1.javascript buttons such as delete photos and feature photos no longer works with any added theme only work with preinstalled themes
    2.there seems to be issues somewhere in the site files making it where users cannot access their profile edit windows they just get a turning wheel over and over
    3.these issues are causing sites to load slow and use a lot of cpu
    4.users cannot close messages in ajax IM
    5.issues vary from site to site and seem to be effected differently

    • The only news right now is that we are working on it. As soon as I have more, I’ll post about it.

  8. please tell me how to fix my problem?

    my server stops sending mail!

    SMTP test is successful!

    cotact us does not work

  9. There are security vulnerabilities in a few plugins.
    Please contact me, to get more informations.


  10. Dear Sir,

    Good day. I am trying to install oxwall script to test product features. I gave URL http://www.hinduface.com/install then system is asking data for
    1) System Setup
    2) Database Setup
    3) Plug Ins Setup and display FINISH button.

    But when I press FINISH button, it process and generate database tables and coming back to 1st step asking System Setup information.

    I never received INSTALLATION COMPLETED message. Kindly let me know what is the problem and how this can be fixed.

    Your early reply is much appreciated.

    Best Regards

    V. Upendra Rao

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