Coming Up: Oxwall 1.3.2

Dear members of Oxwall community,

We are happy to inform you about the upcoming update of the Oxwall software. The release will be presented to you after we finish the current round of beta and quality testing, in about a couple of weeks or so.

Oxwall 1.3.2 is mostly a maintenance release, where we’ll fix several annoying bugs and improve numerous features. Among other things you can expect to see Newsfeed, Groups, Events and Data Importer  enhancements. The full list of changes will be released along with the update.

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37 thoughts on “Coming Up: Oxwall 1.3.2

  1. That’s a good news for todat.
    P.S(for Santa): I hope newsfeed cache issue will be fixed(if changing themes some default thumbs like no-avatar are requested from the old theme) and someone thinks a bout cutting long video titles(youtube like)

  2. Great job but I’m having problem with my installed v 1.3.1 ..CANT REMOVE THE UNSUBCRIBE LINK from mass mailing mails THIS WON’t JUST ERASE FRoM THE LANGUAGE OPTION. I TRIED TO DELETE IT AND SAVE BUT EACH TIME I DID THAT IT REAPPEARED AS IF NOTHING WAS DONE TO IT .and even , it just takes a single click to unsubscribe from mass mailing. I thought that under normal circumstance, USERS should be able o confirm unsubsription in the next page that will ask if they are sure they want to unsubscribe. PLEASE HELP or you guys should do somehing about it!

    • Generally, we do not recommend deleting the link, since it could lead to a mail receiving issue. But you can delete it by editing text in the lang massmailing_unsubscribe_link_text. look for it by searching for ‘unsubscribe’ keyword.

    • I’ve checked again, and it appears that you might be using an older version of our software. There is a confirmation page after unsubscribe, at least in Oxwall 1.3.1.

  3. Hi there,
    Hope you improve your platform by switching off options in your htaccess file and make by this your soft more hosting friendly.
    Can you advice how we can use your forum without passing to you all Facebook details?
    Is it any way to register with your forum without discloser all FB details?
    I have few technical questions and looks like if I’m not give you access to my FB profile then I’m second class customer for you…

    Hope get some advice on this better so I can think reasonable about your soft in future development.

    Good idea and good work so far. Just your OpenSOurce ideology looks to me and millions of internet users different so far.

    • You have to be more specific about the options to make our soft more hosting friendly. Also, you don’t have to use Facebook Connect to get into the forum. There is also a regular Join option on your website.

      • Most hosting companies allow “+FollowSymLinks” at the root level so repeting this line in your file can create problems. I have read few forum help requests from your site and looks like a plenty people have a problem with this simple line in your .htaccess distro file.
        How i can contact your technical support without registration on your website?
        Is it any way to post in your forum without registration?

    • We’ll release the new one soon, but you can still install the last one available. Once the new one is released, we’ll post update instructions here.

  4. I think the best part is.. when people uploads videos and create groups and some comments.. they should all stay after a user decide to delete his or her account ‘s. because some people are still want to be part of that group that the user created. Second.. I think the site should have its own search engine so that it would be easy to find people on the site. Third! it would be nice if the site has an option like facebook.. when you type their name ‘s the user will show up. 4th a music player should be available that has an option to load up your own music froms from anysite or from a file on the user’s computer. 5 and last! A better IM box should be free to all Wall FM users.

    Government Policty worldwide.

    For any people that uses Wall fm.. that pretends to be someone else and tries to copy copyrighter materials.. their site ‘s should be investigated right away and shut down if the investigators found any similarity for its copyright infringements without warnings. This is why the bill is about to be pass to the U.S. Congress.


    • well than dude, hopefully real sites like comicvine and whiskey media and deviant art should be their primary target which you probably use but find no fault in them though they make millions off others people’s copyright work esp. since they are pusblished works. I don’t know where you get this ugly attitude to accuse soley oxwall of such acts when others are ignored. Hope you don’t use youtube-well that just sums it all you don’t even like youtube-unless this was just a blunt attack on oxwall. Great Job oxwall, but Since their is no video upload at least-it just a major turn down and you could have let users avatar appear next to each topic they create in the forums. The avatar needs to be a little bigger as well.

      • Seriously though. Your site is awesome though it needs some minor fixing. Your video/image preview is too small you need to make it little bigger. To you it might seem you want it small but to normal, who can’t create websites, people it will seem like you don’t know how to make it bigger and it’ll look cheap. Make the avatar bigger and add them next to the topics users create in the forums and add video upload and you’ll make facebook obselete. The oxwall display needs to fit the screen as well it looks to small so to normal people who don’t know how to create webdsites it will look like you can’t make it bigger or you don’t have experience to. Even without the video upload the image/video, avatar size is a major turn down. Maybe make bigger enough to clearly see them but not too big.

        I was impressed and I know the competition will start hating you.

  5. Can you add a step in the update files (when available) that prompts people to BACKUP first. Get them to click a button that says they have then if for some reason it all goes horribly wrong they can restore without the tears and endless messages of “the update broke my site”

    In fact, if people test the updates on a test location FIRST it will save the dev team firefighting trying to get sites working again quickly to minimise users downtime.

    So many people aren’t taking reliable backups and complain when their site breaks and they have no way of restoring.

    Good luck with 1.3.2

  6. Your Blog is allready responsive. So it will be great if alt least one template/theme for oxwall soptfware will be responsive too. Just take a look sidestep to WordPress or some CMS Systems and you will get some impessions how important responsive will get for web-development.

  7. I checked my version and it stated that it was up to date. I usually update the script via admin panel. he last time tried manual update it gave me php500 error. How do I solve this error.
    Does the theme affect the version?

  8. here is the error its been giving me since Iupdated it to 1.3.1 PLS HELP!
    Error 500
    Internal Server Error.

  9. Zima,

    I need help man.. the whole community on my site cant send a personal message to anyone. Because everytime we try to send a personal message! the transparent window comes out?

    2 problem! the profile edite option on the profile is no longer there? whats causing this problem?

    I really need help… people are complaining. This new update sucked.
    Appreciate it the help.


      • I like your website but how come the forums don’t show a users avatar near the topic a user creates. You did it for the other things like dashboard and main. People only care if avatars appear near their topics now in the present or else the website looks dull. It would be a hassel just switching back and forth from main to forums. This would be greatly appreciated and effective.

  10. Zima
    Please , Pay attention to my problem

    Upon speaking about Progress and Upgrading we have to add an imprtant thing.
    Oxwall is a very interesting software to a great number of Arabic Webmasters .
    We are in team had finished translating Oxwall V. 1.3.1 to Arabic Language .
    But the big problem is the Right to Left Direction in the Theme.
    Adjusting and modifying the theme css is not the only step to get the suitable result.
    My Testings gave me a conclusion that many other files need to be edited or modified starting from the install.sql file .
    The (RTL), (rtl), (leftCssClass), (rightCssClass) inputs in the install.sql file must be Compatible with the same inputs in other (ow_system_plugins) folder’s files .
    So, it is Oxwall Team responsibility now to help resolving this problem .
    Some instructions more than we read about in the forum is needed.
    It is time to hear from Developers .
    Thank you

  11. I could use some help here … Is there any possible way to get Oxwall working 100 procent without +FollowSymLinks? Our new hoster does not support Options …

    Matthias Rixen

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