Oxwall Launches Beta Testing

Great news, everyone!

We are launching beta testing for the new build of Oxwall Software. While we continue to improve the quality of the new release, some of you will be able to get your hands on Oxwall 1.3.0 ahead of everyone else.

Now, since we have limited resources to process all bug reports, and also to raise the testing efficiency, we are going to limit the Beta Testing Team this time over. Only Community Leaders, Oxwall Club members, and users with items in Oxwall Store can apply for the access to Beta Testing this time. To do so, simply drop us a line at support@oxwall.org, with Claim Beta in the subject line.

Good luck!


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12 thoughts on “Oxwall Launches Beta Testing

  1. Know what I wish? That it could some how be built into it, that when I post on anything, and someone else does following that post… I get notified.

    Basically… an auto subscription to anything you or a guest posts or comments on, they, you – everyone who made comment… gets a notifier.

    Because of my heavy writing… I often neglect going to see what’s happening at the Nook. And unfortunately, I end up finding several replies to something I posted, that are days old.

    Notifications of wall and topics on main would be GREAT!

  2. still working on it and having a hard time figuring out how to get membership levels going on here. Other than that I love this script. Thank you.

  3. Is there a way to make this social networks be an application for mobile phones or maybe a splash screen with a social network link so that the user will download it and it will help them not to there type the address each and every time they want to connect they will just go to the app and click it then the splash screen will pop up while loading then when it done it will display the page. if there is such a thing on Oxwall or on Wall please people let me know of it please. thank you.

  4. please, when are you releasing the Mobile plugin? the mobile version of oxwall will really help oxwall to Grow Big.

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