Oxwall Drops IE7 Support

It looks like the time has come to finally push that button. Starting with Oxwall 1.2.7 we’ll completely cut support for Internet Explorer 7. It just had to happen somewhere down the road for a number of reasons. Microsoft’s browser is outdated, unresponsive, incredibly slow, and has a major disadvantage of having far superior and popular competition worth supporting out there. Check this out, it’s browser popularity last month –

Oxwall Drops IE7 Support

Now, if you think that’s not representative enough, look at last year’s graph –

Oxwall Drops IE7 Support

Also, we have more pictures –

Oxwall Drops IE7 Support

See, that’s Microsoft hunting down its own IE6 – trying to eliminate the last few remaining copies of that cursed software. Well, we are not Microsoft, so we boldly went even further and just decided that IE7 doesn’t cut it. Want to know who cuts it? We have a list of all browsers supported by Oxwall right here.

Anyway, IE7 is out of the picture for good, and only good can come of this, obviously. Just thought that’d be good news to start the year. Good.

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12 thoughts on “Oxwall Drops IE7 Support

    • Thanks for noticing. 🙂 We are still readjusting to quite a few tweaks in our operation. Everything should fall into place pretty soon.

    • we are not problem
      But many users use IE and Old IE
      And They cant use site – they dont know what is problem
      I hope Microsoft Remove it From world 😐

  1. “Anyway, IE7 is out of the picture for good, and only good can come of this, obviously.”

    Not sure I completely agree with that statement. Ultimately, yes, the web is better off with faster, more compliant browsers. But this will hurt current Oxwall installs. July 2011 stats (latest I could quickly find) show market share of ~6.25% for IE7 (though IE6 has a higher percentage). Not the bulk of users, but a significant amount, nonetheless.

    FYI, I don’t disagree with the decision to cut IE7 support, just the statement quoted.

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