Oxwall Store Improved

We’ve got a couple more news we can push out before the holidays.

First of all, don’t forget to check out the updated Development Roadmap to see what to expect from our upcoming release. But while the team is busy with that, we decided to further tweak the Oxwall Store, seeing its growing significance and demand.

The changes are both, cosmetic and functional, streamlining and simplifying the Store’s presentation. We intend to introduce a more significant overhaul to the Oxwall Store in the future, but for now the changes include the following:

  • Store Search added;
  • Themes and Plugins separated into different categories;
  • Items and Listing Items display changed;
  • Item Lists simplified;
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6 thoughts on “Oxwall Store Improved

  1. Thank you.
    But there is one question. Will be pushed new added or updated plugins or themes to the forward of the list?

  2. That’s something we are still working on. Basically, right now the first few positions are the Featured Items, followed by the Latest Additions. The two will be more clearly separated in the future.

    • Even better, we’ll link the Store directly to the Admin Area, so that admins will see all the latest additions while visiting their Admin Areas.

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