Oxwall Supports Cloud Storage

Oxwall Supports Cloud StorageI’ve got more great news to report and it’s not even holiday season yet!

Anyway, Oxwall is now supporting Cloud File Storage (also known as CDN). You know what that means – the ability to store unlimited volumes of static content, like user photos, icons, etc.

In general, Cloud Storage is cheaper than regular storage options available from regular hosting providers. It also greatly speeds up page load times, since a part of the static data is loaded from the Cloud. Moreover, the more storage volume you use – the more you save¬†money-wise. Virtually all of the most popular web services are now using Cloud Storage. Of course we didn’t want to lag behind.

Detailed manuals for setting up Oxwall for working with a few popular Cloud Storage providers can be found here. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Oxwall Supports Cloud Storage

  1. Hello,

    Ok cloud is some thing that i am investigating at the moment but for my members meaning when on batihacan log into there cloud acc which will be provided by batiha from a third party that is providing the cloud and system, thats what i am actually trying to put together does this service have anything to do with what i want to do or is it a solution to leave my vps server and put my site on a cloud server sort of thing ?



    • Your members will continue working with their batiha accounts like before, but your network’s static content will be loading from a cloud, which will speed up loading times. It’s all absolutely transparent for members.

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