Upcoming Oxwall Release

Dear Oxwall users,

As some of you have noted in the comments section, it is indeed time for another software update. The entire next week is scheduled for the quality testing of feature improvements and bug fixes we have found since the last release.

As usual, have some patience and keep an eye on our blog, for a special notice about the launch of the update. Everything should be ready in about a week and a half.

This time the new release will not bring any major changes, but rather will feature a load of requested and necessary fixes for Newsfeed, Events, Groups, Forums, Mailing Lists, etc. We want to polish up the software in its current form before taking another major step by introducing new features and functions. The full list of Oxwall 1.2.5 improvements will be released along with the update.

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49 thoughts on “Upcoming Oxwall Release

  1. Great, as I’ve stated before, I’m looking for improvement with Groups… meaning, privacy for the members of the group. If every one that is a member at the network can also see and read posts from the groups that they aren’t in, there is no need for the groups or to join them.

    That’s the one I’m especially looking forward to.

    • We use groups to limit who can post to the group wall on certain subjects. It is important that the posts be visible to everyone on the site though. The dialog happens in forums, which are open to everyone. So if new functionality is added, that’s great, but please leave a way to have things work just like they do now. Thanks!

  2. There is a problem in attach picture button, and this problem in Internet Explorer browser. The button disappears and the selector aperece text instead of the hand selection link to open the window so the file location. Goodbye!

    Existe um problema no botão de attach picture, sendo este problema no navegado internet explorer. O botão some e aperece o seletor de texto ao inves da mão de seleção de link, para abrir assim a janela de localização de arquivo. Até Logo!

  3. whatever you give promises for update but you should also take care about the one who are putting trust in you. I raised my site crash issue they immediately asked to pm ftp / cplanel details .. then after along silence told “sorry we can’t help you ” then some how restored the site suddenly msg came ” congratulation your site working ” I told ya it is but still have issues in it several button’s aren’t working and the bottom menu also misbehaving but getting same robotic answers instead of helping or even directing how to resolve this issues to get my site working …

    think about the trust and faith that members did put in me and the same I did in you.


    • Thank you for the feedback. I will forward it to the team. I also want to remind everyone about the absolute necessity to back up your networks before attempting to update them manually.

  4. hello mate i actually done a post earlier about my site not playing videos, radio fb connect , it is a problem because they are 2 features that can keep users on site but they dont show on site , if you can help me ill be a happly man. as i said before more user friendly ways of adding friends from anywere basicaly cos there are stupid users unfortunatly that wont go through the site to see were everything is so if its on main and by the pics of users that will be great and when writing on the wall or comments its better if the enter can apply the entry cos there are fast typers out there that dont want to use the mouse to click send enter is a far better way, GAMES , poker or something that users can play eachother to keep them on site and ofcause another way of bringing people together , happy hour, creating a calender with user s birthday etc, help a friend( new members to be added, pass a drink, webcam connect,voip, thease are top features that users want and because of the competition its hard without them i also have a top idea but would like to talk about it more private realy , if someone would like to contact me for that no problem i will talk about it 0035799142973 cyp i hope my points help , if they are available they will curtainly help me , but for now i have the vid,radio,fb connect problem so please please help me.x.x.x.x.x.

    • Thank you for the contribution. I have to ask though, whether you tried to submit a report on the forum? It’s the fastest and most sure-fire way to get all of your problems solved competently and directly by the development team.

      As for suggestions – I will forward them, but you can speed it up greatly by adding them here.

  5. When trying to embed a YouTube video

    You don’t have permission to access /video/add/index/ on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    Do you have any idea why this is happening?
    I tried few days ago and it was just fine.

  6. There is an error in the plugin Oxwall CS Image Slideshow, where the image is not displayed correctly, the only content is viewed completely in browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. In Internet Explorer it is not displayed correctly.

  7. Hello,

    Just wondering is there any chance of an rss widget badge gonna be developed at any stage? Something similar to what ning have done which works excellently..Its so users can embed the badge saying they are a member of ‘this site’ with a small description and a link back to the website…A great way of attracting people to your website. take a look at the ning widget and you will understand what im talking about.

    Thanks Oxwall

  8. Is the Notification system going to be updated. like not just email but also in website live notification system? this what is drive social networks these days and not a lot of people check there email every second.. just saying:D

      • Any update on when the Live Notifications will be released, or is it going to be a plugin we’ll have to take the time and develope? Seems if you can get the notification when a friend ship is requested, it shouldn’t be too hard to write the functions to determine when someone comments on a post, video, blog etc.

  9. Dear also like to suggest to add couple of utilities in admin panel as below

    # cron job, phi.ini, phpinfo.php, config.php – add/edit/delete (with privacy option to share with moderators)
    #dev_mode on-off button
    # theme upload and delete from admin panel as that of plugins.
    # manual full backup of site

    these are most important things wich will also help to prevent site crash..

    Thanking you

    • The first two points – no, as that’ll open up a potential security hole. #3 is already worked on and will be released in one of upcoming updates. #4 – there is a number of reliable tools in CPanel for full site backup. Hope that helps.

  10. Thanks alot for this software and continous update.
    please note that oxwall is still deformed in a particular area. when users leave the website or close their browsers without logging out, they continue to appear logged in even after a very long period of time. maybe there should be a time-out for inactive user…
    I know you will come up with a wonderful solution to this problem. You always do! Thanks.

  11. I have been having trouble with the facebook account creator and log-in feature. It works fine for creating the account, but when the user returns they have to use the fconnect button to log-in, they can’t log-in with the regular log-in button. There must be some way to connect the two log-in buttons together. I think the best way to fix this would be to set it up to automatically transfer the users info to the fconnect button in the event that the log-in fails, and also the other way around. For example, if the user sets up the account using facebook, then returns and enters the log-in info into my sites login boxes and hits enter or the log-in button it would redirect to the fconnect button and carry the log-in info with it and log them in. Further more, if they use the create account form then return and use the fconnect button it would redirect to the site log-in button and carry the log-in info with it. This is a big concern for me as I have already had several facebook friends complain about the issue.

    • Without getting too technical, I’ll say that unfortunately that the way Facebook Connect works. But I will still forward your message to the team.

      • If the way the buttons work can’t be changed, perhaps there could be a message telling people to use the fconnect button if they signed up using their facebook account.

  12. I would just like to say that I’m not complaining in the previous post. My site works very well and the management features are easy to use yet comprehensive. This software works much better than others that I have used. So, thank you to the Oxwall Software community, and keep up the good work.

    Thanks again, David Maupin

  13. so every month 1 update
    mean 1 month new things
    and 1 month later
    bug fixed on that new things
    not bad at all 😀
    oxwall will be great 2-3 year later
    did you see phpfox v3?(just dont like fb clone theme)(other things is number 1)
    and news about socialengine?
    or boonex?
    dont be like tweeter (stay away)
    be like facebook Vs Google Plus
    add new things for fight
    not just we are exist too
    best regard

  14. Also please consider the importance of following features

    # single email id integration for replying posts, notification just as that of google groups, fb etc (this feature is success key of any successful social site)

    # notification of approval pending / new arrival of new member to all moderators

    # activity log of moderators

    # more advanced admin panel / moderator’s privacy policy to access different modules like it may be limited for user approval/disapproval, deleting, maintaining content and mass mailing with more advanced p privacy options for plugin, theme, users, profile question, settings, privacy permission, appearance, language, page menu, customise page this is necessary for a big community with multi moderator. this will help to prevent accidental mistakes by non wise moderators.


  15. site register form still have a problem in captcha field! n i cant register :'(
    in my country FaceBook is blocked! n i cant connect by this, plzz report it to ur dev team. tanks in advance …

  16. is there anyway that, when the user clicks on photo it does directly to the recent photo albums of our members.. on the photo button on the tab….. PLEASE HELP

  17. Will the ‘Avatar Bug’ when installed with Quickinstall on Host Gator be fixed in the new release?

    Thank you….

    • The Avatar Bug is related to an incorrect installation on the HostGator. We have contacted them and the issue should be resolved soon.

  18. Last Question, I have bluehost.com and they have oxwall under simple script but the email or not working to all the members do you have any suggestions

  19. Inviting friends is kind of a vital feature that needs to be added to oxwall. I have not yet been able to use oxwall ever since I broke away from NING 2 months ago. My CAPTCHA does not display the content new users need to copy …

    I FIXED IT MYSELF….. It couldn’t find the font specified in securimage.php

    so I added verdana.ttf into the folder and changed it in the securimage.php file to verdana.ttf … and WHALLA !!!

    The folder ow_libraries/securimage

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