11 thoughts on “Thank you Steve

  1. You cant be wrong and strong, He was strong because he was never wrong.x We will miss you steve for all you have given us .x

  2. Things are not always as we please. I know that if he were still on a roll ahead, it would create much more. This brilliant mind, God certainly the selected fingertip to make it so Steve Jobs was the face of the future. Go in peace friend, for all those who now breathes Tecnologia friend is one who revolutionized the digital world. Goodbye!

  3. Thank you, Steve, for all the marvelous presentations you gave.

    No matter how busy I was at work, or what else was going on in my live, your talks were always a highlight and source of inspiration to me.

    Take care, old buddy, and Rest In Peace.

  4. thought i’d give it another try. i have just left ning and installed oxwall from my cpanel at hostgator and found it extremely impressive. WAY better than ning i’d say.
    but i have a problem and have been asking for help since last friday. no-one seems to be interrested.
    my problem is as follows: cannot upload avatars. keep on getting a message “please choose an image file” and my members from my 3 year old ning site are busy signing up and all of them want to know from me why they cannot upload their profile pictures. also the system reports everybody online forever… even though they are logged off and PC’s truned off the system still says they are online. then i also cannot change the colours in any theme or upload my logo. we had a beautiful branded ning site but i was never happy with it’s functionality. oxwall is way easier to use and more facebook like. so i would love to get the teething problems sorted out.
    thank you !!

    • Hello, we do want to help you, but as I’ve said, we need some extra information, like FTP and Cron details. In general, things like these are resolve in a day or two max, if you have reported the issue on the forum. Could you give me a link to your report on the forum, so I could speed it up a bit?

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