Oxwall 1.2.6 & Oxwall Store Update

Your eyes don’t deceive you. The second Oxwall release in less than a week is indeed here. We thought that it’s worth pushing it out ahead of schedule. Here’s why.

With this release we open the doors of the Oxwall Store to all paid plugin developers out there. As you might know only free plugins were available for download until recently. Now any developer with a worthy product can set a price on their plugins and sell them at our store. Of course, said plugins (or any other goods in Oxwall Store for that matter) must comply with OSCL – Oxwall Store Commercial Licence.

Note that plugins not developed by Oxwall are sold as is – we are not responsible for any trouble they might cause to your sites, so check all the accompanying documentation very carefully.

To make sure everything is working as it should, please back up your site and then upgrade the software to 1.2.6. Alternatively, just wait for the Auto-update Button, which should appear in the Admin area of your network within 24 hours after the launch of the update.

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11 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.2.6 & Oxwall Store Update

  1. Nice…
    And what improvements other than the ( Paid Plug ins ) are included in this update !!

    is there new improvements as everybody is strongly requesting on the forums ?

  2. For me it is not inportant at all, becouse i do not trust any plugins from other developers, i do not install them , and i do not have any errors or ather problems on my website.

    • Me too. I only trust plugin from Oxwall. Because if have any problem, easy to contact support.

    • Nothing immediate, perhaps. But as we grow, the store will be used by more developers to sell their plugins to the community.

  3. Where are the release notes for v1.2.6?
    I can’t find them anywhere.


  4. [French version]
    C’est super mais chez moi il fonctionne mal.. comme par exemple les modifications de thème ou d’autres choses.

    [English version]
    It’s great but it does not work well with me .. such as changes in theme or whatever.
    (translate with Google translation)

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