Oxwall 1.2.5: Feature and Quality Improvements

As promised last week, we have completed Quality Group testing and are ready to bring you Oxwall 1.2.5. A slew of bug fixes and feature improvements are in store.

Now, remember to follow these simple steps to avoid any potential troubles, if you are really impatient and want to update your software manually:

  1. Back up your site
  2. Install the update

Or you can just wait a couple more hours for the Auto Update button (advisable) to appear in the Admin area (it will show up in the span of 24 hours after the launch of the update).

Here is a list of changes:

Newsfeed and Events Improvements

  • Status Update is now integrated into the Newsfeed;
  • Changing Event icon in Newsfeed is now functioning properly;
  • Birthdays can now be configured to show up as Newsfeed items;
  • Changes to Group descriptions and icons are now reflected in the Newsfeed;
  • Notification system for Event commenting added;

User Features Improvements

  • Users without permission to create Groups will no longer see a link allowing them to do so;
  • A bug appearing when reaching photo upload limit is fixed;
  • Search field in Forum now recognizes “/”;
  • ‘Featured’ tab (with user photos and videos) is no longer visible unless there is actual featured content present;
  • Attachment Button functions properly in Internet Explorer now;
  • Right-to-Left text input is now available for WYSIWYG;
  • Option to open a link in a new window is added for WYSIWYG;
  • Option to disable favicon is added;
  • Userlist recognition of ‘&’ symbol is fixed;
  • Language issues fixed in Mailbox and Events;
  • Guest visitors are now asked to Sign-in before viewing Friends Lists;
  • Blog and Links widgets will not be visible on the frontpage until an appropriate item is added;
  • ‘More’ button is functioning properly now on the Blog and Links pages;

Admin Features Improvements

  • Software installation is now possible with an empty password field, if applicable;
  • ‘Page’ GET parameter is fixed in the Forum;
  • Flagged pictures are now reachable even without included description;
  • Mass Mails can now be sent only to active users with confirmed emails;
  • Maximum photo file size in Mailbox can now include decimals;
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26 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.2.5: Feature and Quality Improvements

  1. rich text for RTL its nice
    but when we want import RTL language for first time
    its not include RTL and people must click on that Checkbox again for its going to RTL.
    its so minor bug but can be fixed 😀
    thank you again

  2. Well done guys you people are great really, when exqactly is that button going to appear ? Any new plugings ?????.x


  3. 1. Back up your site
    2. Install the update
    3. Upgrade themes

    There are no new updates for themes, so why do i need to upgrade whem?

  4. Thanks for the update – I ran it and updated all the plugins but now have some problems, as follows:-

    (a) the profile pages do not display properly and there’s a message that states “Fatal error: Class ‘PostService’ not found in /home/matesgat/public_html/ow_plugins/blogs/components/user_blog_widget.php on line 44”
    (b) the dashboard page does not display properly and there’s a message that states “Fatal error: Class ‘PostService’ not found in /home/matesgat/public_html/ow_plugins/blogs/components/my_blog_widget.php on line 45”
    (c) the Blog link returns a page not found error
    (d) the customise this page option on the main page does not display properly and returns the error message “Fatal error: Class ‘PostService’ not found in /home/matesgat/public_html/ow_plugins/blogs/components/blog_widget.php on line 143”

    There may be other problems that I haven’t found yet but can I please have urgent advice on how to fix these errors.

    As always, your hard work is much appreciated.

  5. Great improvements !

    One question though when is it possible to have invite new friends tab just like facebook directly?
    is there is some professional help available to improve a site.

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