Oxwall 1.2.3

Well, it looks like three’s the charm, so get ready for another quick update.

This time we have fixed several critical errors:

  • WYSIWYG Java script glitches in Floatboxes
  • Bugs in RSS feed
  • Navigation problems (linked to hidden components)
  • Several general Mailbox issues

As always, be sure to follow instructions during the update!

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31 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.2.3

  1. Thank you for update, but ufter update in v 1.2.3 -I have some problems like in v 1.2.2
    Navigation problems (linked to hidden components)

    What to do?

  2. Your piece of shit update ruined my site? WTF? Why don’t you test these things before releasing them?

    First off… I can NEVER auto update anything because I loaded your software through Softaculous. So I always have to do the manual updates. And every time I update manually something gets screwed up.

    Now my site is all fucked up and I will probably have to reload from scratch. And you never seem to provide any answers in the forum. I am about to just give up on your software and tell everyone it’s your fault.

    • Geez – what kind of attitude is that to bring on to some guys who offer you their free service.
      You should be ashamed of yourself…
      Go see if you can find something better (and free) and then try to use your head before your keyboard next time…

      Ox – Your software is cool – and way above other free scripts…
      Keep up the good work!

    • Comrades, I have used several social networking software, and I have used none of these served until I find the Oxwall. It’s very simple script that the dynamics and best of all is that when using a script proproe open source you should always aware that the various possibilities, including the problems that most often resolves itself with backups. The software is very good, who’s problem is to lay very still not understand that being free, this is the best available open source social network and even more sophisticated than many who are paid by the web. Brazil.

  3. You need better instructions.

    You need better support. An open forum is not good support.

    I have lost my entire site because of your lack of both.

    • Well It is best to do backup every time you run update. Even the commercial web script producer always tell people to do backup since they also afraid you lost your data. You as an admin should do so before updating anything.

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
    We are sorry to hear that some of you encountered problems.
    The team is looking into the issue.
    I’ll post more info as soon as I’ll get it.

  5. As far as we can tell, the problem is due to ow_base_document table, which could have surfaced due to an old buggy update. We can fix this if we’ll have more info.

  6. Error found in the Pages menu buttons and menus are not frozen lets you edit more!

  7. WOW – while I understand frustration, this is an OPEN SOURCE gift! It’s not something anyone here PAID FOR – people are volunteering to work on this software and make it available. This is why they always say, do your BACKUPS first! I can’t even imagine coming on strong like that where I’m benefiting from something I haven’t had to pay a dime for.

    So far, everything is working for my site as it should be. I’m not saying something won’t happen, but – but following all instructions closely, everything is doing what it should – including the updates and the alert buttons that another one is ready to be installed. But every time I see an update… I BACKUP my website FIRST before I do it – just in case. If something goes screwy, I can restore – site is back up.

    Aside from the negativity – I’m VERY VERY HAPPY with the upgrades and the software. Please don’t let a few bad apples spoil it for everyone, keep up the good work – it is WELL APPRECIATED!!!!!

  8. Auto update is not working for me. also i lost my 170 user data base with manual update. now i have to start all over again. i suggest you guys better wait for some time before updating. and dont blame the oxwall please. they are doing a great job with providing this for free. good luck!

  9. Fresh manual install getting this. Please post fix here or email me the fix.

    Error trying to add video in menu:


    You don’t have permission to access /oxwall123/video/add/index/ on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  10. Alright, guys. In the next few days we’ll delegate a special envoy in our forum to address all of the latest errors. So, be sure to re-post your reports there, accompanied with all of the available info (like screenshots).

  11. I know I’ve mentioned groups being more private – but you know what else is needed? Polls… there are no plugins to put a poll to members, that would be great, as I’m in the need of one right now.

  12. I applied the updates and it worked fine. In fact it allowed me to re-arrange the menu items that were frozen. I am happy with the site that is better than before. Since I am new to using the Oxwall SW for social networking, I will like to actively participate and be happy to provide input. I can understand that the worst thing that can happen is loosing your members who are probably generating you revenue. I would recommend Oxwall developers to create a support team and offer paid support services to us. It should be a win-win for the open source code users and the developers who invest so much time on creating modules and plugins.

    The site members care about the following key features that should not break during upgrades
    1. Login and registeration process/codes
    2. Key relational data like friends and photos (I would love to see album based search option on photo modules main page)

    Hopefully, I can feed in more inputs as my members on the site request features and plugins. First feature that will be useful to the comunity will be facebook friends invite. Why that feature is missing from Oxwall don’t know. It has great potential and I would even pay to have it on my site.


    • Thanks for the input. Another great way to suggest new stuff to the team is through this page.
      As for the Facebook Friends Invite – we have the feature, but it is currently under maintenance for further improvement.

  13. I read all of the complaints and have to say I’m extremely sceptical about trying to launch my site. Could someone tell me how to backup my site for updating safely?

    Paul K.

      • Well if you can access your file manager and access your database, why not make a local copy using WinSCP (for example). Other than that you can also make server copy, just play around with the file manager and you should know how to do it.

  14. i’ve instal oxwall 1.2.3 from softaculous but after instal the server not found.. Maybe htacces wrong?? Please if oxwall finished bug update to softaculous too.. Thanks

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