Oxwall 1.2.2

Dear Oxwall users,

We are releasing the 1.2.2 version of our software to address several reported issues.

Here’s what have been fixed:

  • Event Invitation Button sometimes missing
  • Event Invitations not disappearing after an Event has begun
  • Big images messing up Mailbox Layout after upload
  • Forum Customization not being available
  • Several general layout problems
  • View Permission issues during the creation of custom pages
  • Incorrect Video Codes cut-offs
  • Improper spacing between avatars and ‘View More’ in Newsfeed
  • Missing Values disappearing in feeds
  • Unnecessary Line Wrappings in Blogs
  • Improper calculation of ready Values for Language Keys

Important Note:

Please don’t forget to update your themes for the fix to work properly.

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40 thoughts on “Oxwall 1.2.2

  1. not theme again 🙁 i must modify it hard again …
    can you tell whats changed on theme css?
    so i can just modify those

    • You can merge them using code merging software, like Araxis Merge – it will highlight the changes for you.
      By the way, software like this is a must for anyone who changes theme files (and not working through the Admin Panel), as it will cut down on updating times.
      Otherwise it is advisable to make all the changes through Appearance/Edit Theme/CSS in the Admin Panel.

  2. Hi Zima!

    Sorry for my bad english.

    I found one very critical error. In file ow_core/database.php from 1.2.2 pack in the line 150.
    On the server I use the port for connect with the database. And 1.2.2 does not work. Your need to change line 150 to
    $dsn .= “port={$params[‘port’]};”;


  3. Okay… I’m having a problem understanding the “Update Themes” I haven’t… what exactly do you mean by update themes? Why, how, from where?

  4. If I used the auto update button under the admin panel to 1.2.2 and I already upload the macabre theme released for 1.2 do I have to do the process again?

    • The missing text issue was fixed yesterday.
      As for Meta Tags, the area is for valid HTML tags, not keywords or anything else.

  5. i still haven’t got the auto update on my admin panel!!!
    will 1.2.2 auto update be there in admin panel???

  6. The upgrade went great and smooth. Anyone who is as lucky at screwing stuff up, as my self can upgrade it without it messing up.

  7. I am eagerly awaiting mention of the “Group” update, that is really going to be a goodie! As for all previous works, wonderful, I’ve really had no problems and all my update notifiers have been in my admin panel and working like a dream.

    Fantastic work! Once Group has been done, I’ll be a happy camper, for sure!

  8. I used manual update, after which i stated seeing this message on my admin page:

    Oxwall cron script is not active. Please add it to cron jobs list (/home/my url/public_html/ow_cron/run.php)

    What am i supposed to do?

  9. Weird, I’m continuously getting updates for my ‘Links & Blog’ plugins. When I do the update for them, it says it was successful. But it’s not. They are still the same. In the Blogs, you can’t upload photos or videos… there is a jumbled up error message. Hope they’re working on that.

  10. Fixed it myself with doing a manual update. Changed the Plugin folder permission to 0777 from 0755 and then uploaded the newest versions. Went to the site in the back-end for admin and it was showing a request for the update, clicked the update button and this time it updated properly. Both the Link and the Blog updater. All is well once more… *rubbing hands together* – now – we await the GROUP update. Please make it a good one when it’s finally done.

    Are they taking any suggestions?

    • Alright, suggestions can be sent here.
      Now, I have some news about Groups Update. Unfortunately, it will NOT make it to the next release, but will likely be a part of the one after. This likely means October. In general, expect a couple of posts in the near future about our new Release Schedule system and what to expect from the next release.

  11. Во первых, спасибо всей команде за отличную работу

    В версии 122, не работают
    а) приглашения не доходят
    б) невозможно создание новых чекбоксов
    в) при попытке редактирования блока “пользовательское соглашение” – ошибка.

    Спасибо вам, что вы есть.

  12. I was uploading sitemap using ftp client, by mistake the public_html directory was draged in to another folder, but then i moved the directory back to home/pbsclub/public_html , and try to open my site again but am getting this message

    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Please help me

  13. anyone ever had this error?
    Error: Can’t connect to database. Please provide valid connection attributes.

  14. hey all in the contact importer there is a missing file called fbcanvas so i can not get the plugin to work with out can sum 1 help ??? or tell me how to fix it

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