A Word to Community

Dear Oxwall users,

I want to thank everyone for choosing our software. We all believe in open source values and one of these is transparency. With this in mind, there’s one topic I’d like to discuss with you; namely, our latest release.

Oxwall 1.2.3 release was unplanned and was triggered by us finding some showstopper bugs affecting some users.

By releasing the update we received feedback that the rushed release caused more problems to more users than the original 1.2.2. Some people were very vocal about their problems and blamed us for “breaking” their sites. Of course, the sites are not broken. Every individual problem can be solved by us looking at it. And we want to do that. Let us know if anything is still wrong with your setup.

It would be too easy for us to take “love it or leave it” approach. Instead we believe all software should be excellent – no matter free or commercial.

I wanted to assure everyone who is using Oxwall that we are determined not only to make it the best social software product but to also make administrator experience perfect. We’ve spoiled our users by easy, 1-click updates. So when you click the button you trust us.

We rely on your trust and generally update experience is good for most users. Currently we are introducing the new release scheduling system and automating release routines. More about that in a separate blog post soon.

Thank you,

Emil & Oxwall Foundation team.

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10 thoughts on “A Word to Community

  1. hello oxwall folks,

    I have been trying for every possible social networking script for the past year, ttesting every lil bit of it. The first time i saw oxwall(wackwall), i skipd it….but this year, i came back again and was really amazed at the wonderful development you guys have made and the rate of development. I truly believe that Oxwall has got the right potential to be the number one…Well there is always a room for developmet (uhmmm more themes and plugins will be great lol). Now im using it for two sites and im really happy using it!

    Now coming back to the complaints and all that you guys receive…. My say, jus ignore it!!! In the first place, if their are to update, they should backup! they should not simply blame you!!!!
    Secondly, there must be thousands of people who use your software, out of that one or two may broke down….mostly because of their own server/customization etc etc problems!
    thirdly, its not realistic for you guys to check every ones problem (which you guys are doing and which is the greatest service which no one will give)…

    Whatever others say,,,,, My say…You guys rocks!!! and Im loving it more and more…. The roadmap for future development seems more promising, and the faith and hope in you guys makes me more happy and gives me the courage to walk along with you and grow old with you guys!!!


  2. Emil & Oxwall Foundation team,
    Sorry about some bad comments from ox users in the forum. We highly appreciate OX team for your excellent work for the community. We do believe that all the update are good for our sites even some time it caused some problems.

    All ox users please backup sites before you click the update button. By doing that you can turn you sites back in few clicks.

    Tho Le

  3. This is truly great and I am in complete agreement with all the positive comments and praise heaped on you guys.
    Now for my problem
    I know I’m thick but I’m missing something here.
    It says create & run your own ‘social network’.
    I have created my social network but I cannot run it. (apart from the Admin.)
    I seem to be missing the instruction book.
    It seems that I need to be an OPEN SOURCE programmer to run it…
    Is this true?
    If it is then what do you recommend I start studying to work the site.
    I used to write my own programmes in Microsoft Basic for the printer and everything when home computers first came out but that was 40 years ago.

    Oh! And where are the members passwords
    I saw them once but have never found them again.
    Where are they hiding.
    All the best and kind regards.

    • it is not true at least here in oxwall,because i am also a zero in programming side but i can manage up to now due to the very good support and help from oxwall team and other members in the community, of course you get answer may b not in 12 hr just like any paid service.

      at least they r ready and willing to do that ,which is very important

    • Whatever you can’t control in Admin, you can do in your websites online folders. If you need to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, and other such stuff, I recommend buying the bible series of books they sell on Ebay. If you want to learn online, you can go to: http://w3schools.com/

  4. i dont know everything
    finally work for me
    after work hard on them
    still somethings bug
    and need your dev team to fix that

    i just worry about 1 thing
    in my site
    after update
    my site speed is come slow
    i dont really know why
    i have 2 oxwall software on 1 host
    1 is new and from version 1.2.2 (legendary.ir)
    and my mine site is
    from oxwall 1.0.3 to oxwall 1.2.3
    and royta.ir is really slower then legendary.ir (just must wait 5 sec for respone)
    any idea or detail for this?
    i say again
    both of them is on 1 host

  5. People should not be shouting about a “broken” site. They should be adopting the procedure of BACKUP BEFORE update. Then if is goes bad, restore! Then to ensure confidence in any fixes, load up a test environment and perform the fixes there FIRST and only when 100% happy, apply it to their site. Running a site is not an easy task. The negative comments about the rushed updates dont help any! Oxwall for me has been very stable. A few minor problems but no show stoppers. Patience, backups and calmn thoughts are needed!

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