Community Leaders

As you might have noticed some users got marked with “Leader” badges. What do those mean?

Oxwall (as open source software) has to heavily rely on community support and with the growing popularity this tendency will get even stronger. At the moment of writing this, Oxwall is happy to enjoy bright individuals who proved to be genuine Oxwall enthusiasts and most active helpers. We decided they should be marked as community leaders.

If you see “Leader” badge on user’s avatar it means the user has been providing quality help for other Oxwall users on the forums for some time and we decided to acknowledge their expertise and dedication (upon their permission, of course). That way more people will know they can rely on their knowledge and will to help.

We are looking forward to have more community leaders that we will choose upon our discretion. It’s important to understand that this is not an elite club, nor is it a privilege. This is to mark people who (like Oxwall Foundation members) choose to accept open source values and do “paid work” for free for the sake of the community.


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9 thoughts on “Community Leaders

  1. Great, so if users want this Symbol they have to help others, so more and more Oxwall users are going to learn more about Oxwall 🙂

  2. Good to know about the Badge . I came back to Forums and this blog almost a long time. I was away for my own work and not concentrated here. But I did responded to numerous developments requests, Free Installation and Jobs at “Oxwall Market’ in these busy days

    Thank you!

    • Thank you, Ashok, and welcome back! We’ll be glad to respond to any questions and suggestions you make.
      Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to pick up your own Community Leader badge as well!

  3. Yeah ! Just found it zima

    Thanks for the badge and will try to be active and will contribute to Oxwall in near future

    Regards ,

  4. I found that a very good thing! Users get encouraged to help others in the forum and I found it a very good way to help others, because some people often don’t have a solution to help themself. So if users help them after some time they will get this badge as a “little-thank-you-present”. So 3 “people” are very glad: The person who was helped, the person who helps – because he / she get the badge “Leader” – and Oxwall – because Oxwall get more famous in the world.

    I, for example, helped people much in the forum, answered them in their forum posts and said suggestions to them. I also created some file for users so they only have to replace their file with my file and their problem was solved.

    So, you see that it’s very interesting to help others in Oxwall forum, because first you have always new problems and you have to think of them; you will get a solution and can help the user with it’s problem(s). Second, because it’s very social and if you post good answers you will get the badge “Leader”!

    Thank you!

    • Leo, your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. You are truly one of the Community Leaders too. Thank you for your work!

  5. Great to see the help flowing in the forums. This should take pressure off the development team and get them creative juices flowing!

    Always glad to help out when I can.

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